Haller Astor lucky enough to be able to quickly enter the state that the end of the season in the United States feel a little nervous halep game, New York local time on August 30th, the 2016 U.S. Open on the second day of competition. No. 5 seed Halep completely dominated the game, lost only two to 6-0, 6-2 swept Philip Jenkins, harvest opener. "For me, the first round of every race is difficult." Halep said, I came up to enter the state, playing their own rhythm. I have enough time to do what." Although the Romanian gave a modest assessment of their performance, but the full range of data to show how strong she is. The total score of 60 to 35 dominant halep, almost two times more than Philip jenkins. She made 22 points, just as much as the opponent’s two. In addition, halep scoring before the net rate of 80%, ten break points to grasp six. Philip and Keith in three times breaks the opportunity to get a cash only. At this time 61 minutes, Philip Jenkins full play halep fearless and backhand cutting. She owes it to her coach, Cahill. In the first round of play "know Philip Jenkins, he has been training me cope with chop. His cutting is good and the training is good." Halep said, "today I face this ball back on a very good deal." Philip Keith in the 0-6, behind the 0-5 finally break succeeded, to avoid the embarrassment swallow eggs. Then Halep state slightly fluctuations, opponents take a game. "Most of the time I played well. But sometimes, even if you have enough experience, you will feel nervous at the end of the game. I have to stay focused." The Romanian quickly overcame the bad mood and quickly ended the game. The next round she will face last year’s French Open runner up Safa Lo Va, the latter by 6-4, 6-4 victory over Gavrilova.     the other match, the No. 4 seed Agnieszka radwanska · feeling hot, 6-1, 6-1 to local qualifier Pegula. "The most important thing is that I can win the first round quickly and play well." Ladd Vansk said that the Polish station just gains the championship in New Haven last week. "I am satisfied with the progress of the game and I am ready for the new challenge." Only 22 years old Peigula last year in the second round in the u.s.. In this game, she was Ladewansikaduo varied play would be confused and disoriented, from the beginning of disorderly rhythm. Ladd Vansk open even get 12 points, 3-0 sent half a golden egg. The United States has a heavy flat hit by the tense mood disturbances, 34 unforced errors which are back to the bottom line of the ball directly under the net. In contrast, the number of errors in the control card four, the first is the perfect error free play. Polish a scoring rate of up to 74%. No. 4 seed in the next round will face the British teenager brody. The latter in the Derby to 6-7 (4), 6-3, 6-4 reversed from the break through the compatriot Robson.