Hui Ruoqi: the team played jingqishen new season with a good start after the conference, Hui Ruoqi attended the evening of October 28, 2016 20:00, China women’s Volleyball League (2016-2017) the first round of sixth match in the Shanghai Luwan stadium, owned by two outstanding foreign aid Shanghai East Portland health team in the Warring States gathered at home court of Jiangsu women’s volleyball team. After the final three wars, Shanghai East Portland health women’s volleyball team lost 0:3 to Jiangsu women’s volleyball team, after the news conference, the two sides brief comment on the game. Jiangsu Zhongtian iron women’s volleyball team captain Hui Ruoqi: today while away from home, but the team played in spirit, at the beginning of the new season have a good beginning, I hope the team can play better. Shanghai East Portland health women’s volleyball team captain Zhang Yichan: a start today we played more chaos, as I don’t have the whole team captain will take up the momentum, exposed many problems, I hope to play well behind the game. Jiangsu Zhongtian iron and steel volleyball coach Cai Bin: today’s opening ceremony is very grand, Jiangsu team in today’s thinking is more open, and soon entered the game state, I hope a better than after a good. Shanghai East Portland health women’s volleyball coach Wang Zhiteng: congratulations on Jiangsu women’s volleyball team to win the game, players start today played tight, in the back part there are still many problems need to be improved in the back of the game. (source: China Association paper photo Shanghai press officer Division)