IPhone 7 these points and copy Android mobile phone is a lack of innovation? IPhone7 what, this phone is ten thousand times stronger than him! Tencent digital news (Ben) every year Apple launched a new iPhone, we will try to find it from the hardware to the system are part of the Android mobile phone; when we launched the flagship like Android will try to find out what it takes inspiration from the iPhone. IOS and Android may be natural enemies, but they become more and more like, the entire smartphone homogenization is inevitable. So, this year’s iPhone 7 series have learned from the Android mobile phone? Count the numbers together. Rear dual camera rear dual camera system as early as 2014 has emerged, the model is HTC One M8. This year, including LG G5, HUAWEI P9 and other models using similar configuration. Of course, they also have some different, Android mobile phone dual camera configuration is most enhanced, such as adding depth function, improve the quality and so on, and the dual camera iPhone 7 Plus can achieve 2 times optical zoom. Although ASUS Zenfone Zoom has 3 times optical zoom lens, but in fact is a mechanical light design, resulting in thicker fuselage. Therefore, the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera configuration has a certain uniqueness and competitiveness. 3.5mm headset interface as early as last year, came the iPhone 7 series will cancel the 3.5mm headset interface rumors, but iPhone 7 is not the first, Lenovo Moto Z, use the USB-C interface to replace the 3.5mm interface, such as Oppo, R5 and other models also have also adopted this design. It is expected that more and more smart phones will cancel the 3.5mm interface, the use of USB-C instead, the headset can also be built in DAC and other advanced design, improve the quality of the performance. Waterproof and dustproof protection, iPhone has not been the most advanced smart phones. As early as a few years ago, SONY’s Xperia Z series will be able to achieve IP67 level waterproof and dustproof function, and later Samsung Galaxy S5, S7 series is also equipped with this feature, can generally achieve 1 meters depth of water protection for 30 minutes. Of course, the mobile phone manufacturers to add waterproof and dustproof function is to prevent the occurrence of accidents, reduce the rate of accidental damage to the phone, rather than really encourage users to use mobile phones in the water. Even the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active the three models, can not guarantee the safe use of water 100%. Stereo speakers stereo speakers sound like a simple feature, but the iPhone took 9 years to realize, is it not a bit exaggerated? In fact, the Android phone equipped with stereo speaker models are not too much, the most famous is the HTC One M8 M7 BoomSound". This year, the iPhone 7 series is finally equipped with stereo speakers, put out the effect can be greatly raised.