Northeast people really need to change your eating – Sohu in Heilongjiang Province Health Health Management Association member Xu Wei on the table to see if a large market for a table full of dishes, meat dishes and drinks, it is very likely that in the northeast, or northeast dishes. Cold weather, special customs and culture created the northeast big meat bowl to drink, forthright character. But such a diet, but also a serious threat to the health of the northeast, greatly increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, gastric cancer and other diseases. Taking Heilongjiang Province as an example, the third cause of death in the survey, a total of 12 survey for southern and northern provinces, Heilongjiang province ranked the top incidence of stroke, 35 stroke incidence rate is 5 to 6 times of the southern provinces. So, for the health of the northeast people should really change the diet. Large amount of food dishes is northeast cuisine, even is impossible to put a table. Unlike the southern dishes dishes, northeast food is not decorated, not fancy, eat is affordable, but tired of the stomach. Often feed the Dayton food is not digested, the next meal food and fill the stomach, digestive system long-term combat fatigue, can easily lead to gastric erosion, gastric ulcer, and even for the development of gastric cancer. Change: do not eat the pursuit of quantity, will be home to the dishes for a small number; slow down the eating speed, prolong the food from the stomach into small intestine, intestinal absorption after blood glucose rise, will give your brain a satiety signal, appetite naturally reduces; reduce the amount of each dish. Not a pot, fry a big stew, the rest of the meal and then eat, eat much as advice, every meal with new dishes. Meat accounted for more than half of the previous investigation showed that the three provinces in Northeast China accounted for 89.5 kilograms of meat per capita share of more than the national average of more than 32.5 kg. Indeed, casually walked into a northeast restaurant, open the menu will give you a jump, and slide the meat braised pork joint section, it…… These delicious meat dishes are the highest hits. In addition to the family table, the northeast people go out to eat more barbecue, hot pot. Epidemiological studies have shown that excessive consumption of red meat can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, diabetes and other types of cancer. Especially the Northeast People’s favorite sausage, sauce and other processed meat products, will increase the risk of many types of cancer. Changed: the latest version of the Chinese residents dietary guidelines, livestock and poultry meat daily intake of 40~75 grams. Practice on much less fried, cooking, eating processed meat. It is recommended to use milk products, beans instead of meat, such as milk, soy milk, tofu, etc., they are a good source of high quality protein. Vegetable unpopular northeast region due to the short duration of sunshine, the vegetable market in short time, the long winter, causing residents intake of fresh vegetables are far lower than those of other regions. Even in the vegetables rich in summer and autumn, rarely see green vegetables in the Northeast People’s table. Only in Heilongjiang Province, for example, the survey shows that the province’s vegetable intake than the Chinese residents dietary guidelines recommended lower limit of 10.1%. Don’t like green leafy vegetables, the northeast people eat very badly, one is not from the greens "