Really lucky! Eukaryotic broke 19 Italy war and 10 years unbeaten 1 [] Ramos signs goal send 100 people De Rossi De Rossi Tencent sports news October 7th burst break with De Rossi the penalty in Italy, the world cup and the European Cup qualifier unbeaten streak extended to 52 games, against Spain will also continue to 3 games unbeaten record. For the Azzurri, De Rossi is really a lucky star, and in game 20 of the score, Italy lost only one game. The former chairman of the Football Association, the Italy tower Vecchio issued a "Oscar" for De Rossi, to commemorate De Rossi made over 100 appearances for the azzurri. In this game, De Rossi also scored a golden goal. The previous two against Spain and Italy were unbeaten, but may be afraid of the opponent’s passing ability, Ventura chose a very conservative tactics, 45 minutes before the Italy ball rate is only 28%, not 1 shots, but only in the restricted area of the opponent’s Ball 2 times. Under pressure, Buffon appeared mistake, led Vitolo into buddhism. In the behind, Ventura quickly Bianzhen, after school on the immobile, Belotti, Italy evolutions 343, Belotti is also helping the Azzurri win cross crucial penalty. De Rossi has embarked on the spot after the fool David De Gea, De Rossi tuishe easily. Rome midfielder after the game, said, after the ball, we immediately responded, this is part of our genes." The 109 appearance for Italy, De Rossi has scored 20 goals. De Rossi called Italy Fuxing, in game 20 of the score, Italy only lost a game (1-2 England). It is worth mentioning that, in the European Cup after the defeat to Italy, Spain had 2 games without losing the ball, and De Rossi became the first time loppert Kyrgyzstan goal against Spain players. With De Rossi’s goal, Italy will be the world cup and the European Cup qualifying unbeaten streak extended to 52 games, the last time in qualifying defeat or lost to France in September 6, 2006. Similarly, the Azzurri will be World Cup qualifying unbeaten home court extended to 50 games, made 43 wins 7 flat scores, only 53 unbeaten home court in spain. While in Italy has also been in the home court, the world cup and the European Cup 41 games unbeaten, a lost home court in 1999 2 or 3 lost to denmark. Once over after the 5 war in Spain, Italy nearly 3 times against Spain unbeaten, made 1 wins 2 flat scores, but coach Ventura also continued coaching since Italy’s unbeaten record. After the adventure through exams, after Ventura pointed out that "although Spain is still a hot top the group, but this game tells us: if we step by step, also can become the protagonist of the game." (Obail)