The Chinese national Derby fourth station on September in Mongolia steppe grassland in Mongolia staged speed passion passion racing in September 6, 2016, sponsored by the Chinese Horse Industry Association, Inner Mongolia Xilinhaote municipal government, the Government hosted the Chinese national Derby fourth points races held in Inner Mongolia Xilinguole Meng region. Nearly one hundred team combination participated in the tournament, China Golden Shield network television — equestrian channel for the entire webcast of this event. CCTV famous show host, vice president of the Chinese Association of horses Cai Meng conducted a full commentary on the game. 9 in the morning, a grand opening ceremony held in the main venue of the festival. Vigorous yet graceful Mongolian dance, vigorous and cheerful Mongolian music make the whole hall full of Mongolia style. Gorgeous fireworks accompanied by crisp fireworks call, so that the scene a lot of jubilation. Neat horse square through the venue majestic-looking, to reproduce the old style even dark horse. 30 km endurance race is about 60 kilometres away from the main venue of Nadamu, is the starting point of Chinese national derby. The participating horses, in addition to Beijing, Zhejiang and other parts of the country, there are many from Mongolia, a strong lineup, high level of events. The Chinese nation station exploiting derby game, the local people and government attach great importance to, and give great support. Although the race track located in the depths of the grassland, but still attracted a large audience.’. 11 in the morning, the start of the game the flag off, then Benz and gunma. The moment the horse rushed out of a very spectacular Ten thousand steeds gallop. weather. Match the distant prairie a quiet, the arena is strong horse Benz, static action, at all in this movement between the. The sky is blue and transparent, bright and dazzling, the race is the mighty thunder, blood jiyang. Horse group many on both sides of the automobile and motorcycle traveling, the road is slightly abnormal, these vehicles will be horses away. Visible on the prairie, horse is the king. As the game time, the riders have continued to play over the end point. The Chinese national race horse fourth successful completion of the race, the game did not participate in a horse injury, to protect the welfare of the horse. We can see China national Derby fourth station on the track selection, tournament organizers Abagaqi organization under a lot of effort, finally to ensure each horses safe. The fourth station curtain has been in Abaga falls, Fifth stations of the curtain is about to open, join the national Derby to look forward to your. (Kim Jun media)