Chongqing tour match even Yuqun Gunn tied red crown Chen Zihao T6 Zhang Xinjun T9 (click to watch high-definition photos) September 10th Beijing time news, Chinese tour of Chongqing Jiangnan Metro · · Qinglong open third round finish, even the Chinese American Education Group (64 bar, -8) and Thailand’s Gunn (68 bar, -4), together with a total score of -15 rod ahead. England’s Callum (65 bar, -7 Talonguard surrender), with a total score of -13 rod and American Jesse Spears tied for third place. [results] Chinese players black hand over a single round of 71 (-1 pole) in a single position of fifth. Chinese mainland players ranked highest in the Chinese player Chen Zihao, he handed over 69 shots (-3) today, with a total score of -10 rods temporarily tied for the next sixth, behind the two leading players in the 5. Defending champion Zhang Xinjun today hit 68 (-4), with a total score of -9 pole tied for the position of the ninth. Leading into the top 15 Chinese players: 12, -7 bar, Cao, 69 bar (-3) T13, -6 bar, rod Yang Guangming, 70 (-2) T13, Luo Xuewen, -6 bar, 72 bar, par T13, -6 bar, rod Chen Dinggen, 74 (+2) T13, -6 bar, sotong, 74 bar (+2) 4 time winner Dou Zecheng day over 69 bar (-3), total score of -5 rod, tied with Jin Daxing ranked twenty-fifth. On Saturday the Qinglong Nanshan Golf Club finally ushered in the sunny days, the temperature suddenly rose to 30 degrees above. Good weather to promote the good play of the players, in addition to the Chinese American group to hand over the whole field of the lowest 64 bar (-8), as well as the surrender of the two players -6 (-7), the two players hit the 66 pole. "Yes, it’s a nice day today. The ball flew farther than the first two days and the greens became harder." Even the education group said, today also play quite solid. Putting the front is not very good, but after nine is very good, basically pushing the birds are pushing. In addition, today’s cutting rod is also good." Even before the day a total of nine Education Group caught 3 birds, including 3 holes and 9 holes two chip shot hole. 3 hole, even the group of two to put the ball on the green ring, all into the hole, caught the first bird. Hole 9, he cut the bar from the green about 10 yards, the white ball directly into the hole again. After the transition, even, without any mistakes, he caught 5 birdie, including 18 holes to wrap up the bird. Another champion Gunn – Shane after the game shook his head, "today, my hard and short cut is not good," said mr.. Therefore, put the ball on the green position is somewhat unsatisfactory, which is not playing too low number of reasons." He handed over 68 shots (-4), total score -15. He caught 7 birds, and ate the 3 bogey. Gunn and girlfriend Gunn today the caddy is his beautiful girlfriend, beauty accompanied, feeling quite happy. "Sometimes she looks more nervous than I am, and that’s not good. But most of the time, especially when there are views!