The Ministry of Public Security: identity loss will establish a blacklist – instant failure of fraudulent use of Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on October 7th news (reporter He Yuan) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, the Ministry of public security vice minister Huang Ming yesterday (No. 6) to China bank Beijing branch outlets, the implementation of research "on the norms of identity permit the use of management notice". The people are generally concerned about the loss of stolen identities to fraudulent and other issues, Huang Ming said that the Ministry of public security has been completed and failure of resident identity card information system and the on-line test run recently, will be in the bank after the pilot, for the network check and Citizenhood existing information system. In yesterday’s observation site, Huang Ming said that the social use of the card department, is to create a key element of the safety norms of the use of identity cards. Therefore, the various departments to promote the implementation of norms of the system, perform witness conformance verification according to law, to prevent fraudulent use of identity cards. Huang Ming pointed out that the establishment of invalid identity card information system, the Ministry of public security to respond to social concerns, and the introduction of the reform measures to ensure the safety of the use of identity cards. This measure will be used for the implementation of social identity card verification department, providing an important means of assistance. This information system has the function of maintaining data updated in real time and dynamic, through the credit department verification network society, to achieve all the lost or stolen identity card instant failure, makes these ID cards can not continue to use in the society. Huang Ming said, the next step, the Ministry of public security will further deepen the linkage with other sectors of society, the establishment of fraudulent use of identity personnel blacklist system, increase to guard against, fraudulent use of identity crime at the same time, the sound of witness does not fulfill the consistency check responsibility of credit unit responsibility. At the same time, the people once found that ID cards lost or stolen, in a timely manner to the nearest place to declare the loss as soon as possible, and to apply for a new card. In addition, the registration information of the fingerprint identity card, can effectively prevent unauthorized access, people can at any time to the public security organs registration fingerprint information identity card.