Wenger turned Chelsea domineering three knives! He is afraid to Mourinho non Conti Wenger over Conti at the tactical level, sina sports 3 0 victory over! 20 years of experience in the Premier League Wenger, the final solid solid to the Premiership rookie Conti on a lesson. On the process and the result, this time Arsenal 3-0 revenge Chelsea, like most of the season on the home court 3-0 victory against Manchester United, Arsenal in the scene, can be said that the advantages of ifheavier, Chelsea until eighty-second minutes before the game finished their first effort. In the last 5 seasons over the case, asennabenchangbi from Paibingbuzhen, is a complete victory. [premier forecast 24 17 small yesterday! Click to see the cold, who today grab 50 percent off prepaid card the same always don’t change the "status quo" Wenger of the field and resorted to the first victory over Hull City identical to the previous round, and Conti had not sent on by their own reuse of Fabregas. Consequently, Wenger’s platoon really more like the answers, Conti’s chicken will appear to be hesitant in the Premier League battle under — why? Why not before the public criticizes Conti Fabregas, the Italian also hesitated not say why, the week in the League Cup, the Spanish midfielder Conti played well, so the weekend "reward" end the donkey, a starter, the result is contrary to expectation but makes sense too horrible to look at. Stick is sometimes said too stubborn, but it will not be ready to accept either course, put on a "irresolute and hesitant" label. Chelsea from similar episode 4231, Fabregas seems to be replaced by the organization ability of Oscar, Matic, Kanter two waist behind escort. But in fact it is the opening, after the 3 man midfield Chelsea is quite confused, the Fabregas play as a midfielder but had a habit of back, even more than Matic and Kanter dragged after coverage but caused two others to fill in the puzzle. Wenger targeted by Coquelin and stick to Fabregas, Coquelin of the season ahead position precisely because of Fabregas’s tardiness is more like a duck, until the former was injured, Wenger’s team is already leading 2-0. Small by the presence of Matic became the organization’s core competition "on Fabregas, from first to last, Wenger put Kanter and Matic to organize" approach to reach the maximum effect: Matic 74 passes in 64 place, Kanter 71 passes in 58 place, the two player waist position after more than 10 passes be off, this is very terrible in a strong dialogue. You go back and watch the Conti midfielder chaos strategy, first without Fabregas, and determined their own ideas, for questioning and self denial, re enabled from the abandoned Fabregas key to war, a play is not their own style, in the end only fifty-fifth minutes for Fabregas ended hastily. The dilemma of the defeat. Look at the Gunners side, is about to usher in the celebration of the 20 anniversary of Wenger, is really a good lesson for the Conti. Wenger season to the present has been attached to the center of the routine of the Sanchez, was questioned? Of course there is