Fifth and TCM system – health Sohu Li Yuhua, Xu Jizong, the PLA No.306 Hospital, Department of traditional Chinese medicine, fifth has unique advantages for thousands of years of culture and Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment system, and the intrinsic basis of deeper and make full use of modern scientific and technological means to explore the therapy of the fifth, the source angle feature palace feather "pipe ·" as a member of the pheasant colonies to feel terrible enemy as negative by such as lowing Huanzhong such as outlier sheep as a horse called opposition "Q · Yin and yang to be as big" angle is a wood tone, tone and straight, features that fire sound, and beauty, and that his house, also said, taking gold tone, light also, the feather that the sound of water, heavy and deep. "Four one" should be the liver micro angle, call to long for the sound to heart, male, thespleen palace, the sound to diffuse slowly, taking the lung, to promote sound, the sound should be kidney Yu, heavy fine "category of wing · between the original" the law; sound length, high, the time is short, the sound, the sound of high time is very long, very, very long time, the sound muddy, muddy sound short, extremely high and clear. The "golden mirror of medicine · four heart to" a smooth median length, height, voicing peace short iambic chant, more HD, extremely long under the turbidity, heavy male Hong, vice minister, under the muddy, sonorous, eliminate, short, high-definition, soft and thorough. Most modern research attempts to seek its theoretical foundation from molecular biology, physics, physiology and psychology, the result is often more in-depth study more "I do not know the true face of Mount Lu, just because in the mountains", the final is put forward several hypotheses for the conclusion of grass. We recognize that there are certain significance of such exploration, once the breakthrough will be a revolutionary leap fifth theory, but this study is the research methods of modern medicine, traditional medicine is not consistent with the way of thinking. Fifth, from the "traditional Chinese medicine", "Chinese medicine" talk and leave "and" is wrong, often do a lot of work but toil with no gain. Therefore, how to correctly understand and fifth becomes the key problem to be solved in the study of fifth. Only a clear grasp of the "fifth" essence, modern fifth research can be targeted, its derivative can be used pentameter therapy effective in clinical, and improve clinical curative effect. Fifth, the original meaning of "characteristics of TCM pentameter pentameter" formerly known as "five sound", the narrow and broad points. The narrow sense of "fifth" refers to ancient China in the establishment of sound theory in the process of angle, syndrome (signs), palace, taking five different scales and feathers. The voice of the husband, palace, business, angle, symbol, feather. So who…… Five sound and music (……) Harmonic, and le (…) "·" Han Cheng Zhi ". In "Ya · release music", and there is an alias, is called "palace, business is called the sensitivity, angle, sign that Diego, said Liu yu". General "and" refers to all the sounds of heaven and earth (including noise). The so-called "sense in moving things, it shaped the sound, the sound of the corresponding (" · "records; music book"). Fifth, the name of the mysterious reason: "astronomical", "animal", "totem" or "monarch", have to be.