Hualian holdings by 270 times the pre pay silver blue chip and other 33 funds on the applicable Orient Securities Research Report released in September 18th August, the growth rate of real estate sales continue to improve. August real estate sales area grew 19.8%, compared with July rose by 1.1 percentage points; sales grew by more than in, up by 3.2 percentage points in July. August national average sales price of 7744 yuan square meters, an increase of 10%. A piece of real estate ", the performance of listed companies to be in full swing" notice to respond, according to WIND statistics show that since 2016, a total of 21 securities classified as real estate stocks released the first quarter of 2016 to the three quarter results, among them, 15 listed companies yejiyuzeng, accounted for the vast majority of up to 71.42%. Among them, the 3 listed companies, Hualian holdings, holdings of the completion of Shin Kong Nanshan yejiyuzeng were more than 10 times. Notice of changes in net profit increase is the highest in Hualian holdings of listed companies, the three quarter of this year net profit of about 450 million yuan to 550 million yuan, a growth rate of 22158.82% to 27060.78%. According to the "Hualian Hualian holdings issued by Cmi Holdings Ltd in 2016 third quarter results notice", the same period last year net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies -204 million, and from January 1st to September 30th this year is expected attributable to shareholders of listed companies profit 450 million yuan to 550 million yuan. According to Hualian holdings announcement, the company plans to sell some stock in China the Great Wall during the reporting period, the company achieved the expected investment income will rise sharply over the same period last year. In addition, the company in the sale of real estate projects during the reporting period belong to the pre-sale, the income has not yet reached the conditions. The performance of this notice is the company’s financial department according to the company’s business plan, including the China the Great Wall stock reduction plan preliminary estimation results, due to the implementation of China the Great Wall stock reduction plan is the result of the uncertainty, the company’s third quarter 2016 actual results may be quite different and the performance forecast, the third quarter of 2016 the company specific financial data disclosure in the company "in 2016 third quarter report", investors pay attention to investment risks. Since August 31st the shares issued forecasted announcement, the stock price rise, 33 fund benefit. September 1st, the stock opened at 8.98 yuan, while last week last trading day, the stock closed at $9.13, up by 1.67%, during the stock index fell by up to 2.66%. According to the 2016 semi annual report of the fund, a total of 33 funds holding the stock, the total holdings of up to 26 million 480 thousand and 200 shares, accounting for tradable shares accounted for more than 2.39% of the total market capitalization of $220 million. A total of 21 active management related shares of stock held by the fund, but the stock in the two quarter of ten was not in any fund awkwardness. Among them, the Bank of communications Schroder’s fund holds the largest number of the stock exchange, the 1 silver blue chip fund holding Hualian holdings of 7 million shares, the Huatai Barry fund’s 5 funds together hold Hualian holdings 1 million 608 thousand and 600 shares, holding the largest number of funds. The enormous changes in the performance of the institutions also bring.