For -2016 Chinese women’s open 2016 qualifying China women’s occupation Golf Tour ending will open the sina sports news Beijing on November 15th news, Chinese women’s tournament will be held in Guangdong Qingyuan qualifying Lion Lake Country Club moon course in December 12th, provides a venue for the majority of women into occupation golf enthusiasts, feel great opportunity occupation charm! 2016 Chinese women’s occupation Golf Tour ending the war — China women’s tournament will be held from December 16th to 18 to return to Guangdong Qingyuan Lion Lake Golf Club, from South Korea women’s tour, the women’s tour in 108 top players will participate in the total prize money of $550 thousand for. Then, Chinese a sister Feng Shanshan, American LPGA card player Feng Simin, the women’s tour in six time world champion Pan Yanhong, women’s tour champion Shi Yuting, Li Jia Yun, national team player Zhang Weiwei all played. At present, the 2016 China Women’s open qualifying has opened enrollment. Registration reference information is as follows: the form of the game round (18) hole than the individual game. The number of participants is not more than 48 people, the results of the top 2 players can get the modern car of the 2016 China Women’s open qualifying. Such as the top 2 there is a parallel situation, will be in the form of scorecard to determine the ranking. When a round of performance, are the first to compare the total score of tenth to 18 holes, if the same comparison of the 13-18 hole, 16-18 hole scores, if still the same from the eighteenth hole to the bottom of the hole by comparing the results of the first holes. The rules of the game the game will use the card in a woman in the patrol and adapt to the terms of any additional terms of game week, will be posted on the bulletin board at the game. The venue of Lion Lake Country Club, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, address: Guangdong province Qingyuan City Qingcheng District Henghe Lion Lake Country Club Tel: 86-763-3556688 in China open qualifier must meet the following qualifications:   nationality;   & nbsp;              ;                       gender: female                               occupation amateur status: no limit (* amateur players almost must be less than or equal to 4, the player must provide a valid proof of age): nearly 12 years of age in the December 12, 2016 day game time in December 12, 2016 (Monday)     &0