In 23 Maurice voted in only 6 in Min Lulei: he always communicate Maurice feel bad [collection] Beijing Guangsha 85-110 Fortson 48 horse only 16 points last night, Beijing Shougang team in the home court to 85 than 110 big score lost to Zhejiang guangsha. This game Beijing team on both ends are playing very well, losing this way feel stuck. This is the Beijing team this season is the first defeat of home court, Guangsha coach Li Chunjiang for the first time in the Wukesong win. Beijing coach Min Lulei said after the game: we have a lot of distance between the game plan and execution, the attitude of the game some problems. We have less 18 rebounds than the opponent, scoring 85 points in the score, it is impossible to win." And captain Yue Sun also pointed out after the game that the team’s desire is not enough. In fact, for this game Beijing team had a very detailed preparation: as a defender of foreign aid Fortson used the offensive line is what, how to effectively defend against him; another example of how to defend the attack inside. But these careful pre match layout to the field but failed to implement. The defender of foreign aid Fortson handle more than one section of a section is hot, whether it is shot or break, Fortson to the later is almost to play how some point. This situation is like the previous team lost to Shanxi in Beijing, the other side of the foreign aid Franklin got more than 60 points. As one of the main defensive player Fortson, Yue Sun said: "I think that he took so many points, and not for the characteristics of each other does not adapt, he is open, feel like fire prevention, this is the characteristic of American players." Fortson scored 48 points. Beijing lost not only lost in the other defenders of foreign aid, they played well. From this point on a remarkable rebound. The Beijing team in rebounding of only 43, the other is 61. Rebound is largely a matter of attitude and enthusiasm, the game in Beijing is insufficient in this regard. In addition, the Beijing team’s foreign aid Maurice in the game played very abnormal. Holman and the other side of the alignment, the less than the upper hand of Maurice. Especially Maurice’s past investment, in this game did not feel. Such a situation, so that the audience are calling the audience, hoping to give Maurice more confidence and support. Maurice in the game, played 37 minutes, the cast of 6 in the vote, only got a score of 12 points. This hit rate is far below his field average. After Min Lulei talked about Maurice play not good reason, he said: "Maurice’s state of ups and downs, we also communicate with him, there are also requirements for him, the offensive end have specially designed for him to inspire his tactics, tactics of Maurice potential, set at least three or four. But in the game also need to practice the things out." Last night, Marbury also apologized to the fans in Beijing, said: "we are in front of the fans to get into trouble, this kind of thing will not happen again in the future."." Text newspaper reporter Song Xiang