The library is still memorable season of hope and negative Knight adorable God into the finals next year – Sports Sohu Beijing time on September 21st, according to the "USA Today" reported that in an interview, curry said, still remember the NBA Finals loss to the battle of life and death knight, but in his opinion, hope that the new season to enter again the finals. During the regular season last season, the warriors scored 73 wins and 9 losses in the league’s best record, but in the finals, they are in the case of a big lead 3-1 Cavaliers, was eventually reversed missed the championship. In seventh finals in the battle of life and death, the warriors curry core on the offensive end of poor play, shooting 19 for only 6, three of 14 shots in the 4, in addition there are 4 turnovers. Despite the past 3 months, but the library still difficult to forget that moment. "I have not forgotten lost seventh games," curry said, "it obviously will always remain in my heart. Of course you hate that feeling, but it can also be a driving force to make you stronger. I am in this situation, I hope to be ready for the new season." This summer, the warriors have also been adjusted to the lineup, which they got before the thunder core Durant, in the eyes of many people in the industry, joining Durant, adding to the warrior strength, they have become the most powerful contender in the new season championship. In the Library view, hope that the new season to the finals again. "I was a little disappointed in the final last season. But then I chose to leave and go on holiday with my family, and I’m not going to get frustrated and understand the finals and hopefully we’ll get another chance in the new season." Curry said. Despite losing in the finals last season, but for the library, this does not mean that there is no harvest. "You will understand that you need to be better mentally and physically as you want to win. All this will allow me to understand the situation before, but also help me to experience the next journey." Curry said. (Fu Yun)