Sina sports 50 forty-eighth star rating service will vote three points. Forty-eighth star Adams sina sports season NBA2016-17 battle, sina NBA lists 50 active NBA players, today we bring the forty-eighth star — Steven Adams. It was hard to imagine his true age at 23 years old, as he looked at Adams’s bearded face and his curly hair. As the 2013 draft of the 12 rookie, Adams did not live up to the thunder of the lottery draft pick. Last season for the thunder team effectiveness, Adams field can contribute 8 points and 6.7 rebounds data. In the playoffs, Adams broke out a lot of energy, he played the role of the thunder barrier. In 18 games played, Adams averaged 10.1 points and 9.5 rebounds and 0.8 blocks, shooting up to 61.3%. Adams is a powerful and athletic talent of the big man, height 2 meters 13, arm exhibition of 2 meters, he is the thunder team inside a solid fortress 25. Rebounding and shot blocking is Adams’s masterpiece, the two things in the Western semi-finals last season against the Sanantonio spurs thunder team make a headache. Although Durant and Westbrook is a weapon of thunder rattling, but Adams is behind the scenes for their escort, ammunition backing. In addition, the two attack is his masterpiece. In fact, Adams’s talent was well known four years ago. At that time, University of Pittsburgh freshman Adams, showing a very good offensive skills. Whether it is the use of muscle under the basket hard resistance, or a clever back one to eat, Adams are just perfect. Freshman year, Adams to the high rate of shooting broke the historical record freshman hit rate, at the same time he averaged 6.3 rebounds and 2 blocks were also ranked team in rebounding and blocked shots list. All this is the tourist city of Rotorua was born in New Zealand Adams could not think of. Adams was in the picturesque Rotorua grew up, although he will taste the local geysers described as "like someone has been in your face fart, but this did not conceal his love for hometown. Adams has a large family in New Zealand. He is the youngest of the 18 children in the family. Adams’s father, West Germany, was a giant of 2 meters, and it was he who gave the perfect exercise gene to Adams. West Germany and five women gave birth to these 18 children, and the youngest Adams is one of the most bullied brothers. However, he was over sixty father he would act as a protective umbrella of the West role, when little Adams was bullied when West Germany will always be snapped at the other children. However, he was too old, especially when he suffered a car accident and lost his ability to walk freely. Then, the West has suffered from gastric cancer, after years of struggle with the disease, West Germany left the world, leaving a broken family. Adams gave up his studies and began to