After a lapse of 10 years Chinese won Miss Asia nomination Tan Ruyin bluntly lucky – Sohu sports news (reporter Fang Liang) last night, Chinese football training camp in Kunming in a teaching match of the 5 to 0 victory over Wuhan zall. Yesterday they had a day of rest. Wu Lei scored two goals in the teaching competition yesterday, he was officially nominated AFC Asian Footballer of the year, with whom he was nominated as well as the United Arab Emirates, the United States, the United States and the Iraqi striker, Hamadi, and so on, as well as the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United states. Yesterday evening, Wu Lei learned that he was nominated news. Wu Lei was quite a bit surprised by this. He said that his performance in the first half of the race can still, but the second half of the performance is not very good. The first half of the national team, Wu Lei scored a crucial goal in the world cup with Qatar’s 40 season, China team qualify for the 12 finals to help. In the second half of the top 12 teams in a few games, he missed a few times because of continuous and controversial. So, it is quite unexpected to be able to be selected in the end." Wu Lei said. Wu Lei has been nominated for the Asian Footballer of the year and has a direct bearing on his performance in the league. He has been the best striker in the League for 4 consecutive years. However, Wu Lei believes that the Gulf of Messi is more likely to be elected in the end of the Omar. Wu Lei said on his nomination is a sure, he is not satisfied with the status quo, go to a higher goal, "regardless of the club or national team, are hoping to do better than now." The women’s football China again after a lapse of 10 years by the Asian Football miss Tan Ruyin nomination: Nominated Lucky Beijing News (reporter Fang Liang) yesterday announced the 2016 AFC Asian football player and football team Miss candidates, Wu Lei in the list, in the women’s field players Tan Ruyin won the Asian Football miss nomination. In this year’s Rio Olympics qualifying and race, Tan Ruyin for the women’s promotion and again after a lapse of 8 years into the top 8 Olympic Games made no small credit. In the women’s 2 Chinese 0 victory over South Africa in the competition, Tan Ruyin with a super long distance lob to break the opponent goal, this particle surprise four goals also let her get on the front page of the website FIFA. In women, whether it is replacing the boss turn of the new and old Tan Ru Yindu midfielder occupied the Guangxi girl a space for one person, has always maintained a good state. It is worth mentioning that, since Ma Xiaoxu won the honor in 2006, China won the title again to women. However, in an interview yesterday, Tan Ruyin said he had never thought about Asian Football miss this thing. When the club told her the news, she said she was a little bit. "But it’s lucky to be nominated." Tan Ruyin said. This also nominated Asian Football Miss list of candidates, and Australian players Forde and Fenner, the old and the young striker are representative of australia.