Coaching! The Argentina Football Association contact exposure for fear of being fired Bawusa Pauli – Sohu of Argentina sports let sampaoli over   Beijing November 12th, the Spanish "Aspen" news, the Argentina Football Association is not satisfied with the Bawusa coaching performance, are replaced by Seville coach St. Pauli, but an unavoidable reality is that former Chilean coach just coach Seville, at the same time it is difficult for him to coach Argentina. Yesterday, the Afghan war, Argentina did not lose temper, 0-3 defeat to Brazil, the game after the defeat of Argentina, scoring 16 points in the first 11 rounds of the world cup, 8 points behind Brazil, ranking sixth in the South American qualifying situation is not optimistic. It is reported that the Argentina Football Association is not satisfied with the Bawusa coach, after he took office, Argentina success is bad, the 5 round of World Cup, the team’s record is dismal 1 wins 2 flat 2 negative, this is not satisfactory. At present, many domestic fans in Argentina are opposed to Bawusa to continue coaching, he has called for "get out". "Aspen" pointed out that the Argentina Football Association has also been considered in turn fired Bawusa, former Chilean coach Pauli took the team pointer. Pauli is more familiar with the South American coach for the national team, during the previous coaching the Chilean National team, he also led to the 2015 America’s cup champion, then beat Argentina in the final, the Argentina Football Association also left a very deep impression. However, in the summer to take over Seville St. Pauli, he is the transformation of the team is relatively successful, therefore, the Argentina Football Association Coach Pauli is not easy to persuade. However, the Argentina Football Association is also very difficult to have a better choice, especially the team record worst case, anyone would think twice to Argentina coach. (listen to the wind)