In the end, what are the mistakes Chelsea made? – Sohu sports defeat! Manchester United in the Standford bridge 0-4 is the rout, this is an out and out failure. Mourinho first return to the Standford bridge, greeted him with the Red Devils is a helpless defeat. On the contrary, Conti led his Blues, contributed to the high level of the game, but also to the United Nations after the realization of the setbacks, need to find a solution as soon as possible. The game after just 30 seconds after the red door was broken, this is a low-level defensive negligence, and this defense in the next 89 minutes have been filled with United’s performance in. The soldiers did not give them any Jiushuai sensibilities, behind this defeat, we may wish to analyze Mourinho exactly what made a mistake. Mourinho used again for Liverpool against the strategy in the focus of World War II League eighth round game against Liverpool, Mourinho successfully draw Red Army offensive. This season the number of goals in Liverpool and the number of opportunities to create the League top. Although the tactics of the bus is still being criticized, but at least the results of the draw can be accepted. Mourinho believes that the failure of 0-4 is the individual defensive mistakes players, but he could not escape the responsibility. With the Reds, Pogba did not create too many chances for Ibrahimovic, but Mourinho is very satisfied with his tactical purpose, succeeded in preventing the Cyclops team, so when Chelsea discharged from the 3-4-3 formation, Mu Shuai is still very confident from the swing coach tactical, this is like the same old stuff. Let the game become flat and uninteresting. But Chelsea, unlike Liverpool, Conti seems to have seen Mourinho’s defense, when 6 members of the United once again dropping his own half defense, no flexibility caused on the other side of the offensive appeared again and again the defensive vulnerability, the players look absent-minded in. The blues play their own advantages Conti put out the familiar 3-4-3 system, which contains 2 wings, and Kanter and Matic’s midfield partner, responsible for the fight for the ball and move forward, 3 frontcourt players most responsible for attack. But due to the excessive accumulation of Manchester United defender, not their fists in attack. This game for Manchester United, Conti Conti and Mourinho apparently countermeasures are tactical master, and Conti as a pragmatist, not only to consider how to defend the opponent’s attack, but also to try to disrupt the enemy’s defense. So this game, in the face of visiting the Reds, blues to relentless attack, no organization by the United defence successfully broke. The attack more objective Chelsea, Manchester United attack is the first attack too freely from Manchester United opening, the team after the ball to Pogba, waiting for him to attack the organization, this is also the season they main organization mode. Mourinho has been known for defense, the offensive side depends on the player’s personal ability, but the team is too dependent on Pogba and Ibrahimovic, the team’s tactics and intentions too easy to be seen and predicted. There are 5 games Yibuben season.