The "small library" eyebrows praised: he will play better and better performance by Hilde praised sina sports news Beijing standard time on October 10th, NBA China season in Shanghai Mercedes Benz center, eventually the Rockets beat the pelican to 123-117. This summer, the team has just signed rookie Bardi – Hilde in this game is remarkable, scored 14 points. After the news conference, the team headed star "heavy brother" on Hilde the rookie’s confidence in the future: "this summer camp let him grow a lot, in the warm-up match performance is also very prominent, today he feels good, and in many weaknesses such as defense and ball has made great progress. In the new season, Hilde will play better." In this game, Hilde’s outside investment capacity has been Anthony Davies’s affirmation, "eyebrows brother even predicted" if Hilde shot more and more confident, the state has been bursting down, then his shooting percentage should be more than 50%. Hilde scored in double performance also won high praise from the pelican general Moore, Moore said Hilde is a very good player, will get up early training every day, from the beginning does not adapt to the team and now slowly running, the new season is getting closer to one another. Will be more familiar with. As this year’s draft No. 6 pick, the pelican high hopes for Bardi – Hilde, the game today, the rookie’s performance has not let the pelican disappointed. Although as a substitute, but he still showed the confidence and maturity of the game. As "heavy brother" said, he not only feel good, defending and passing ability to let everyone shines. I believe that in the new season, he can adapt to more intense game confrontation, let us wait and see. (sina sports Mo Ying Ying Gao Jing Li Lingxiu from Shanghai)