The table tennis tournament all star team than the 6 – 4 win Asian Sports — original title: 2016 Asia Europe Asia Europe table tennis table tennis tournament all star team won the Asian 6:4 Guangdong Xinhua News Agency Dongguan September 11th sports special telegram two days of the all star game in Guangdong on 11 in Dongguan ended, although in the second match day to 2:3 lost the European team, but rely on the advantage to build the first day of the competition, the Asian team with a total score of 6:4 to win the victory. The table tennis tournament all star game began in 2009, from 10 Asian and European Table Tennis Association sent their 1 players, with 5 to 5 format. The event is sponsored by China Table Tennis Association and Dongguan Municipal People’s government. The 11 day of the first battle between China Hongkong’s Huang Zhenting and Austria 44 year old veteran Chen Weixing, following the first DaTouZhen defeat Russian contestant Sheba Jef, Huang Zhenting and Chen Weixing after the five inning contest after lost to 2:3, for two consecutive days for the Asian team failed to start face. Singapore’s high Ning second disc for reverse play again, he conceded two cases, 3:2 reversed the Croatia player Gasina, the Asian team will offer points for the 1 leveled. Zhuang Zhiyuan played third sets of Taipei, China’s top 1:3 lost to Portugal players. Now the world’s second China teenager Fan Zhendong after the debut, against Belarus veteran Samsonov, Fan Zhendong’s sharp attack so that 40 year old Samsonov overwhelmed, finally by 11:5, 11:4 And 11:8 even under three, the disc of 6:3 leading Asian team will have firmly the match victory in the bag. The final set difference showdown, South Korea xiaoqiushou Zhu Shi? 0:3 not enemy Shiba Alexeyev, two teams this total score locked at 6:4. In Europe against Fan Zhendong, Samsonov after the game, players will be moved to Sichuan, Chengdu, in 14 to 18 at the ITTF world tour Chinese open. (commissioning editor Hu Xuerong and Yang Lei)