Check the Paralympic flag bearer: Chinese figure, broken wings can fly – Sports – original title: inventory of the Paralympic flag bearer: China figure, broken wings can fly Xinhua Rio De Janeiro September 7th sports news (reporter Shi Chundong) whether the Olympic Games or the Paralympic Games, leading the delegation, as the standard bearer a country or region’s first into the opening ceremony of the athletes, are carefully selected to represent their country (region) or the spirit of sports achievement. Chinese delegation flagman candidate has always been of concern. And the topic of the Olympic flag is different, more China Paralympic Games on the standard bearer of the story, every one of them has more profound interpretation of the life changing power of sports. Rong Jing: red flag smile in Rio Chinese sports delegation flag raising ceremony, the delegation officially announced the wheelchair fencing athletes as China Rong Jing delegation the opening ceremony of the standard bearer. At the exit of the crowd, the tall girl with glasses natural smile is impressive. Rong Jing was due to polio and right leg mobility, wheelchair fencing team in Jiangsu Province in 2004. Her main item for epee and foil. Won the gold medal in the women’s epee team in the 2012 London Paralympic games. Since 2015, she participated in the international competition seven times, on behalf of the motherland on behalf of the highest podium on behalf of the 6. She has also won the national labor medal, 54 Chinese youth medal, the 38 red banner pacesetter title. In Rio, Rong Jing participated in the project will begin from 14 days, can see her figure in the individual, group and Epee team game. Zhang Lixin: the opening ceremony of the wheelchair and the red flag of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, the 29 year old wheelchair racing athletes Zhang Lixin as the flag bearer, leading Chinese delegation. At the age of 16 because of osteosarcoma had to lose a leg of Zhang Lixin, after nine years of hard training, in the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games, won the gold medal in the men’s 400 meter T54 and T54 200 meters, and cooperate with his teammates, won the 4× 100 meters and 400 meters 4× two ground force to become champion, the "four gold king". Today, Zhang Lixin is still active in the stadium. In 2015 of the Ninth National Games for the disabled, he won the silver medal in men’s track and field T53 / 54 in the final 1500 meters. Wang Xiaofu: the Oriental armed flag flying fish was only 20 years old swimmer Wang Xiaofu was the standard bearer for the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games China delegation. The night of the opening ceremony, China sports delegation last admission, Wang Xiaofu raised the flag Chinese firmly armed, walking in front of the entire delegation, young face full of excitement and happiness. This was born in Yunnan an ordinary peasant family guy, at the age of 5 was unfortunately hit by high voltage and the loss of his right arm, an early encounter in life "great frustrations". But also because of this experience, let Wang Xiaofu have more perseverance than ordinary children. After a period of time after swimming training, he won the competition at home and abroad.)