Mu handsome head? Pig back to the first team training British media: the lifting of the ban – Sohu sports Mourinho bow? Schweinsteiger returned to Munich in the summer of last year, with a price of 6 million 500 thousand pounds from Bayern to Manchester United, signing a contract for a period of over a year. Clinker, Schweinsteiger just to Old Trafford for a year, Van Gaal has faith in his class, Mourinho took office as United’s next manager. Under Mourinho, Schweinsteiger not only lost his position, even the ball are not playing, the relationship between the two incompatible! In order to let Schweinsteiger leave, Mourinho was put on the reserve team, even his first-team clean cabinet. However, these measures do not let Mourinho leave Schweinsteiger, but a statement to Manchester pig. Mourinho said well, the season so far, Schweinsteiger has not appeared in the first team, or even a big list are not into. Earlier, the printing crazy pass, Mourinho even and Schweinsteiger from the reserve team competition, a lot of fans in the social network, Rahm Beckenbauer blasted the Portuguese, and Bordeaux, and many other pig friends support base support. Beijing time on November 1st, the British media "sun" news came suddenly, Mourinho and Schweinsteiger reconciled, two attended the charity dinner, carrying her in the United, pig with his new wife Ivanovic attended, when taking photos, he and Mourinho side by side. In addition to side by side at a charity dinner photo, in October 31st local time Carrington training base, United stars and fans suddenly found a long training ground figure appeared, he is Schweinsteiger. After training with the first team, Schweinsteiger wrote on the social network, the feeling is a great day." Indeed, the pig waiting for this day, waiting for too long, a few months of hard work, he was able to fight with his former teammates together. For Schweinsteiger to return to the first team, my gay friend Podolsky is also very happy, in the social network of friends expressed congratulations, British media predicted that this is a sign that Mourinho lifted the pig. As for why Schweinsteiger can return to the first team, the British media give enough reasons, fans also have speculated that this may be caused by United’s recent poor record, coach Mourinho has tremendous pressure, especially the Pogba midfielder underperforming, and Herrera to eat red card, may cause the shortage of manpower. (little care)