United have already sent out the pig iron exposure to cleaning him willing to lose millions of pounds –   sports Sohu willing to lose 10 million pounds; exposure Manchester send pig leave recently, Mourinho and Schweinsteiger return to the first team and the latter, and at Carrington training base with Rooney, Ibrahimovic and other stars bogeba playing together. Earlier, the British media "Manchester Evening News" broke the news, let Schweinsteiger return to Manchester United first team, is to let him regain the competitive state, and then away, if possible, then recover the transfer fee, which will be a first-team return the pig. The British media "the sun" said the latest news, they get the news, is to let the pig out. The 32 year old Schweinsteiger, in United’s worth up to 180 thousand pounds, contract for the next two years, United need to pay salary of 18 million pounds to the piglets. Fleet Street said that Schweinsteiger’s salary, for Manchester United is a huge burden, the club wants to end the contract, because the pig has not planned player Alex Mourinho. How to let the pig leave? Schweinsteiger has said publicly that the United will be his European football career last stand, if you continue playing in the reserves, it is difficult to find a suitable home. Under such circumstances, Manchester United finally decided to let Schweinsteiger return to the first team, the club I hope can find competitive state in the next two months, and the winter of January next year and let him find the next window. The British media "the sun" said that if Schweinsteiger can find a home, the United would like to compensate him 10 million pounds, and the remaining 18 million pounds salary contract, apparently less nearly half. How to not let Schweinsteiger Manchester United next summer to leave? In this case, the club will pay 4 million pounds to the pig. It can be said that Manchester United decided to bid farewell to Schweinsteiger, an insider told the British media "the sun" is very dissatisfied, insisted that the pig now competitive state is very good, can have a space for one person in the hands of Mourinho, "the pig every day to fulfill their obligations, very hard in training, but also the competitive state is very good, as it came to United. However, United hope Schweinsteiger in the future a window, send him to leave, but has yet to find a suitable home." (little care)