Vice chairman of Beijing City Football Association met with UEFA officials for in-depth cooperation between the two sides took pictures of sina sports news on August 28, 2016, vice chairman of Beijing Football Association, President of Hague football club, Beijing together Wansheng International Sports Development Co., Ltd. Chairman Mr. Wang Hui in Beijing met with former Prime Minister of Belgium, UEFA officials Mr. Yves Leterme?. Mr. Yves Leterme? In 2009 – 2011 as Belgian prime minister, deputy secretary general 2011-2014 the organization for economic cooperation and development, September 2015 UEFA financial control committee responsible person, mainly responsible for the Champions League and European League more than and 240 club business status, financial audit and evaluation, supervision and management of the European the national Football League club issued certification. During his brief visit to China, Mr. Lethem took the time to work with Mr. Wang Hui at the Wansheng office. The two sides on the current development of China’s football, youth football training, the operation of the overseas club conducted extensive exchanges. Wang Hui, vice president of the Beijing Football Association introduced the Chinese football league matches and events broadcast, so that Mr. Lethem has a basic understanding and awareness of the Chinese football league. Vice President Wang Hui pointed out that the European League, the Champions League has not yet recognized the importance of Chinese Chinese market, great influence of fans and fans Chinese economy, Mr. Lethem agreed, he learned that the force of Wansheng as the Spanish national football team exclusive agency, responsible for its activities in the Asia regional business development, market competition, business operations other matters. Mr. Lethem pointed out that in fact the European club and Mr. Wang Hui are looking forward to this Chinese football – love and commit football, with an international perspective, keep in touch with the strength and experience of the operation of the capital market and entrepreneur, cooperation China marketing. The two sides also in-depth exchanges of young players training. Mr Wang Hui believes that youth football training is the key to improve China football occupation ability, in the acquisition of the Hague club at the beginning, Wansheng will force European youth – founder of the most advanced Hague club youth system introduced and landing in Beijing Bayi school ", and Guangxi, the government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to carry out youth soccer training program. Hague youth training system through the training of young players, through the Spanish coach training system to develop campus football teachers, the overall level of youth football. Next month, Wansheng will join the Chinese players to play overseas clubs. Mr Lethem believes that the European football advanced experience and knowledge of the introduction of China output players is very necessary, will help to study the European advanced technology to Chinese youth football, after returning home to contribute to the Chinese occupation football. Mr Lethem has been actively involved in his hometown – the operation and market development experience of some football clubs in belgium. Study he warmly invited to welcome Mr Wang Hui to Belgium for the football club, he is very willing to help matchmaking. The talks between the two sides ended in a cordial and friendly atmosphere, with both Mr. Lethem and Mr. Wang Hui,.