Beijing – VIDEO – volunteers to maintain "blue Lanzhou" new tactics: to pick up rubbish dead drone assisted volunteers to maintain "Lanzhou blue" UAV aided dead garbage picking up results [comment] early winter, small groups of volunteers to use leisure time in Lanzhou the Yellow River while picking up trash, over their heads back and forth. Shuttle UAV search for precise location around the garbage. Recently, the global Waterkeeper alliance jointly launched the "protection of the mother river of the Yellow River charity", held in Gansu, Lanzhou the Yellow River Longyuan park. After the event, but also in Lanzhou, the establishment of the western environmental protection UAV emergency center, will protect the ecological environment of the formation of long-term mechanism mother river. Innovation is the application of the technology will be applied to the field of environmental protection of public welfare water ecological protection. The UAV flying along the the Yellow River, the photo of garbage on both sides of the Yellow River aerial picture precise feedback to the activity center, and then by a professional environmental protection volunteers according to "junk positioning" effectively sorted. [the same period] volunteers Lei Xue our UAV can shoot down from the sky from the sky, it can be seen on the ground with us completely different perspective. So in this place we can’t see it, we can use drones instead of it, to see some of the pollution that we can’t find. [comment] a member of the public told reporters, as a part of the city to volunteer for granted, before looking for garbage hiking because size and other factors, often efficiency is not high, but some of the dead are difficult to find, now have the technology to assist the UAV garbage efficiency is improved a lot. He also said that it is possible to maintain the "Lanzhou blue" to do some of the things they are very happy. [] the people of Lanzhou over the same period in Lanzhou recently air rebound, so we organized in "Lanzhou blue" public welfare activities, so I as a citizen of Lanzhou to attend this event, do contribution to the "Lanzhou blue". Li Yalong Gansu Lanzhou