Chinese herbal medicine moisture tricks – health Sohu rainy season high humidity is the growth and reproduction of mold fungi insects. Once suffering from mold, insect pests, it will produce toxic side effects, serious carcinogenic, teratogenic. To ensure the quality of medicinal materials, moisture need to do the following. The wet sealing method is used to seal the medicinal materials to prevent moisture and moisture, so as to keep the medicinal materials from being affected by the outside temperature and humidity. Many forms of seal, a small amount of traditional Chinese medicine can be used cylinders, cans, jars, boxes, barrels and other containers sealed. When necessary, quicklime and charcoal can be added as absorbent. Sunshine drying method this method is suitable for easy to damp mildew medicinal herbs, Chinese herbal medicine is an important method for anti wet mildew, simple and economical. Low temperature cold storage method is a kind of ideal preservation method. Because of the low temperature can prevent mildew and moth eaten herbs, not containing medicinal volatile volatile oil, while not affecting the quality of medicinal materials. In particular, some valuable medicinal herbs, the nature of brittle fracture. Such as flowers and precious medicinal herbs, stored in the 0 to 10 DEG, not bad taste, take the oil corruption. This law to chemical pesticides and chemical pesticides insects and mold, good effect, fast, time-saving, has important economic value, but to prevent pollution. The commonly used chemical insecticide fungicide with sulfur, aluminum phosphide, flexible selection should be based on their own conditions.