Specification for universal insurance products sales fall boots CIRC limit short-term universal insurance scale Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say on the stocks contest points out 60 million standard universal insurance products sales fall boots. Yesterday, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a "Chinese CIRC notice" on the further perfection of relevant matters of personal insurance actuarial system, short duration limits the size of the product, reduce the universal insurance settlement rate and interest rate risk, improve the security level of products, improve product value rate. JINGWAH Times reporter Niu Yinghui – for illegal sale of products will be the CIRC relevant responsible person said, with the rapid development of the insurance market, the main insurance product development increasingly diversified, development and management of products have also been some new situations and new problems. On the one hand, many types of products to meet the real needs of consumers, on the other hand, more homogeneous products, differentiation, personalized products less. In addition, the number of products for the record, there are fewer production capacity. The circular pointed out that the CIRC will implement the life insurance products after the record and post sampling management. Insurance companies to develop the design of life insurance products, in addition to the clear requirements shall be subject to prior approval, after the implementation of the filing, that is, within 10 days after the sale of the product to the China Insurance Regulatory Commission filing. The circular pointed out that the China Insurance Regulatory Commission to establish exit mechanism of life insurance products. China Insurance Regulatory Commission after the spot checks found that the presence of the insurance company filing the case of illegal products, the insurance company will be ordered to stop the use of illegal products, public disclosure of product sales information. In the background of the mismatch of assets liquidity risk caused by traditional universal insurance products generally pay period, low yields, but also need to deduct fees paid in advance, thus less attractive to customers. While the new universal insurance products belongs to high price products, or even zero cost, full price, with a strong attraction. But to attract customers for high price products, commitment to the settlement rate is generally higher than bank financial products, the high cost of debt is likely to make insurance companies excessive pursuit of high rate of return on investment, while ignoring the requirements for the investment of insurance funds to conservatism, insurance firms attention control assets to match the risk, if there is no appropriate matching assets to liabilities, then need to slow down the expansion of debt. Especially since the beginning of last year, a large number of insurance funds into the stock market, behind the insurance funds crazy placards listed companies is the asset mismatch risk, liquidity risk, the development of the insurance company to the long-term stability of the hidden danger. – Rules 1 valuation interest rate cap down to 3% according to the market interest rates down, the universal insurance reserve assessment rates by 0.5 percentage points to 3%, higher than the interest rate cap of the assessment of personal insurance products at China CIRC approval, to prevent the spread risk, while the ordinary personal insurance product evaluation rate remained unchanged at 3.5%. Pacific Insurance chief actuary Chen Xiujuan said that this is mainly to improve the performance of the insurance company’s ability to prevent vicious competition. CIRC also said that after the introduction of the file, universal insurance and other personal insurance product pricing interest rate and the cost of debt will be gradually back