Switzerland’s first small German Wawrinka reversing the world winning the first US Open Men’s singles champion – Beijing, China News Agency, New York in September 11, the year 2016 the last Grand Slam – the US Open 11 days at the end of the men’s singles match ups after the curtain falls, the defending champion, Serbia champion Djokovic by foot, in the score 1 to 0 lead, by Swiss rival Wawrinka Lianban three disc reversal. Vakarin won the first U.S. Open Men’s singles champion, this is his occupation career the third Grand Slam titles. Djokovic is currently ranked first in the world, this year has won the Australian Open and French Open champion, the current us he received in the first 6 games in 3 games out of the race gift, save a lot of energy, sixth times 7 years playing in the US Open final. In contrast, the promotion of the road is bumpy Wawrinka third, save the series breathtaking reversal of the British Evans, the fourth round of war four sets out Ukraine dark horse content in the game against Del Botero and Kei is 3 more than 1 career wins, for the first time into the men’s singles final of the US open, the state can be described as the mobilization to the top. The two sides had more than 20 meetings, the first in the world in recent two way ahead, but met in a grand slam is fierce, especially in 2015 the French Open final, 3 more than 1 small German Wawrinka break "Grand Slam" dream, also left the suspense the strong confrontation. First, Djokovic made the first 3 than 0 dream start slow, then even the ninth inning Wawrinka spare no effort to catch up, save the break point Paul made successfully, then back to break the equaliser. Grab seven wars, Djokovic did not waste the advantage to win the first game than the 7 to 6. The second set, two alternate lead to 4 level, the critical moment, Djokovic in the non insurance can not serve break, even angrily broke the racket. 6 to 4 draw city Wahlin card. As a third disc disc version, the two sides deadlocked the score to 5 Ping, Djokovic once again failed to in the most critical Security Bureau under pressure, by 7 to 5 win against Wawrinka, super score. Fourth, Wawrinka occupied 3 to 1 lead. Djokovic was twice the medical timeout toe injury treatment, but failed to restore the decline, the final ratio of 3 to 6 and then lost a big score of 1 to 3, was reversed, missed his thirteenth Grand Slam championship. Sheng Park summit in New York Fala for the first time the Wawrinka, with three years of consecutive Grand Slam titles accounted for. He is excited to congratulate Djokovic said, "here (US) of the atmosphere, the fans are, I have never experienced before, thanks to the team and family, inspired me to become a better player." When the host asked why every major game can erupt, "big heart" Wawrinka said humbly, "I just step by step, try to spell, stick to the end." (end)