Don’t waste washing water of great use! Don’t waste washing water of great use! Magical Taomi Shui 22: 1 with Taomi Shui hands, not only cleansing, also can make the skin moist and smooth. 2 dishes with rice water, not only strong detergency, but also does not contain chemical substances, better than detergent. 3 new casserole before use, first wash with washing water several times, and then loaded on the rice soup on the fire burned half an hour. After this treatment, the casserole will not Water Leakage. 4 the board for a long time, will produce a stench. Add the rice water for a period of time, then salt scrub, can eliminate fishy smell. 5 knife, shovel, shovel and other iron cookware, immersed in the Tao Mishui relatively thick, you can prevent rust. If you have rust, can be soaked in water for several hours, so easy to wipe stain. 6 with the smell of the dish, add salt wash rice with water, then rinse, can remove the fishy smell. 7 from the market to buy meat, sometimes stained with dust, washed with tap water is difficult, if washed with hot Taomi Shui two times, it is easy to remove dirt. 8 newly painted furniture, there is an unpleasant smell of paint, with a soft cloth dipped in clean water repeatedly wipe, can get rid of the smell of paint. 9 white clothes in the rice water for 10 minutes, then wash with soap can make a new white dress. 10 if a towel stained with fruit juice, sweat, there will be odor, and harden. It is soaked in Taomi cooking ten minutes, it will become white and soft. 11 some fruit with rice blisters, very good. 12 rice water washing has a whitening effect, beautiful white rice washing water: 1 put rice into the rice washer, then pour in the tap water wash time, wash gently after the water drained, wash once again left the rice washing water second times; 2 of the rice washing water left overnight, after precipitation will leave milk white rice washing water, then add about rice washing water warm water 1.5 times, can be directly used to wash face, feel silky. 13 Taomi Shui wash light clothes easy decontamination, and bright colors. 14 after precipitation of rice water and heating water, can be used to paste clothes. 15 with the Tao Mishui mouthwash, can treat halitosis or oral ulcer. 16 the bacon on the Tao Mishui soak for half a day to go more salty. 17 with the Tao Mishui wash than bacon washed clean with water. 18 Taomi Shui wash pork stomach, or bone than the alum salt scrub, fresh, convenient, clean, saving and. 19 commonly used Taomi Shui soak knife is not easy to rust. Rusty knife soaked in Taomi Shui in a few hours later, easy to clean. 20 Taomi Shui watering flowers or vegetables, and allows it to grow more robust. 21 new rice water wipe lacquer, 4 to 5 times, can remove the smell.