Zou Shiming denied a fee of $5000 to dividends or millions of Sohu   sports; Beijing time on November 6th, Zou Shiming won the WBO in Las Vegas (wbo) flyweight world champion gold belt. But the net exposure of its appearance fee of only $5000. Recently in an interview with Zou Shiming, personally denied this statement, he said the game and bonus money, single game revenue or reach millions of rmb. According to earlier media and insiders disclosed that in 2013, the first battle of the Zou Shiming occupation career fee of $300 thousand, and in 2014 seven a Kun than war appearance fees of $700 thousand, a 2015 IBF champion Lunlong service challenge appearance fees is up to $1 million. At present, Chinese boxing hand, only Zou Shiming has such a box office appeal. Specific to the game, the Nevada Sports Commission announced before the game data show that Zou Shiming’s labor remuneration for this game is $5000, while Pacquiao’s labor remuneration is $4 million. According to industry sources, in fact, two people can get income far more than these. Although the domestic television viewers have not paid to watch the sports habits, but CCTV bought the copyright of the game, the Zou Shiming team will get a certain percentage of the dividend. Secondly, the game has a lot of sponsors are directed at Zou Shiming’s brand effect, after all, in China and Asia, Zou Shiming has a good brand strength. At the end of the game, even ESPN added: "Zou Shiming has a bonus in the Asian market, with a total revenue of $6." Since the end of the game, the specific gains on the game, the short term can not give accurate data, and the appearance of the boxer fees and other data has been one of the top brokerage business secrets. However, according to the details of the game, Zou Shiming’s single field income should be at least 1 million yuan. (Red)