Japan again to promote their "victims" of China criticized the Military Channel – Sohu global network reported on Japan to the United Nations General Assembly First Committee (the Committee on Disarmament and international security) to abolish nuclear weapons resolution vote, said in an interview with the Kyodo News Agency Chinese disarmament Ambassador Fu Cong before the objection is the resolution in writing is "victims of tomorrow". Fu Cong condemned that this is intended to expand the Japanese war victims, rather than the impression of the perpetrators of the strategy. Fu Cong also stated in the resolution welcomed U.S. President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima in May, said the United Nations resolution does not need to emphasize Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Reported that the Japanese government submitted the same resolution last year, the Chinese believe that Japan as a distortion of the history of war perpetrators, accused and opposed. The resolution expressed "grave concern" about the humanitarian consequences of the use of nuclear weapons, saying "welcome to Obama’s visit to Hiroshima."". The resolution also urged the exchange with victims of global leaders and young people, to deepen the understanding of the actual situation of nuclear explosion. The resolution will be voted in the near future and is expected to be approved by the majority. Last year, the Japanese resolution was the five largest nuclear state to oppose or abstain. Kyodo news agency said Fu Cong, sympathy for the victims, but emphasize the nuclear victims in Japan pose questions. Fu Cong, why pay attention to ignore other victims of war victims, why ignore the Japanese army committed murder evidence? In addition, Fu Cong believes that the so-called "hibakusha" refers to all the victims being bombed, the Japanese will be defined as the "victims" expressed dissatisfaction. On the resolution to welcome global leaders to visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Fu Cong criticized why the country outside Japan must also be welcomed, completely inappropriate.