Li Zhangzhu meets the timely rain to grab 3 points closer to relegation Yatai miracle Li Zhangzhu (information) sina sports news "in the future you will appreciate his now desperately." As Changchun released posters before Yatai as a focal point in the relegation battle in October 26th, Changchun Yatai performance deserves this poster to theme — with two assists the veteran Du Zhenyu and Yang Boyu respectively, izmailov Jiangong, helped Changchun Yatai away 2 to 1 victory over Henan jianye. The epicycle finishes, integral Changchun Yatai has reached 32 points, not only beyond Hangzhou Greentown, temporarily escape the relegation zone, but also close with 33 points for Tianjin TEDA and Liaoning hongyun. Encountered rain and rain to win, Li Zhangzhu good luck on the evening of October 24th, Yatai moved from Shenyang to Zhengzhou, and is accompanied by local rain without stop. About the plane, followed by Li Zhangzhu, assistant coach for many years, Feng Feng on the side of the team said, "it’s raining again."". If you are not familiar with Li Zhangzhu, Jiang Feng this sentence is usually the tone of the chat, but people familiar with the ability to listen to the "rain" indicates what the Li Zhangzhu. For Li Zhangzhu, the rain is an auspicious symbol — July 1998 took over the vanguards, encounter is a rainy day. Beijing took over the national security, but also encountered rain. In 2016 over Changchun Yatai, the first day he arrived at the Changchun also rain. So, what good luck will rain bring to Li Zhangzhu. Before the twenty-seventh round, 2 to 1 to reverse the Changchun Yatai Beijing Guoan Changchun day, it began to rain. While in Zhengzhou, Li Zhangzhu will meet the timely rain? In the battle, the rain has not ceased, luck has been with Changchun Yatai company. However, Changchun Yatai will win the competition continued life, see providence, to see two. Of course, Henan Jianye in not completely ashore, could not pass the opponent. However, Fifteenth minutes the first goal is a very strong desire to win Changchun Yatai, izmailov received a pass from Du Zhenyu, high jump ball Leipzig topped up. Although Henan Jianye in forty-third minutes by Ivo equaliser, but in 64 minutes, Du Zhenyu again sent assists, Yang Boyu header, locked in Game 2 than 1. Before the three was blown offside, the goal is really Yang Boyu scored the winning goal, Yang Boyu ran to the bench to strip the excitement to celebrate, but was to catch up to the Mati pressed. At this time, there are nearly 30 minutes distance race, if Yang Boyu celebrate strip was booked, so in the face of pressure, Henan Jianye in the next game again yellow cards, will not only affect the game result, the final round is a loss. After the game the Team Yatai locker room door, duzhan club chairman Liu Yuming gave Yang Boyu a big hug, teammates for his goal in the most critical moment. But when it comes to this goal, Yang Boyu said: "after the goal to strip celebration, is to release the pressure, we are not easy. This game, I would like to thank the expedition fans, they are the strongest of the twelfth, without their support, we do not have the results now, thank you