The sound of music charity golf match 100 people love to raise 570 thousand yuan music charity golf tournament kick-off ceremony was held in Shanghai on September 7th news, "I want to go to school Ying guest live 1200 student action charity golf tournament held in Shanghai Silport Golf Course 2016 MusicRadio. Hundreds of people gathered for the dedication of love love left behind children in poor areas, each other learn skills, enjoy the pleasure of the sport. The kick-off ceremony hosted by MusicRadio music DJ Mei Qingyuan. Dai Ailing, Freya Lim soulful singing, the bee girl team dynamic dance of the deep feelings of singing in the afternoon after the fierce competition, a meaningful charity fund-raising activities also opened the curtain on the curtain on this issue in the past, the first time in the afternoon, after the game, the first time in the afternoon, after the first day of the week, after the game, I was very happy. The ultra popular girl group girls appeared in the event of a bee, "Lady Bees," the song "encourage" and "small practice manual" lucky + youth, vitality concert, song dance, and the atmosphere is very warm. The song rhythm cheerful, full of love and light energy, enthusiasm and happy atmosphere to infect each person, make the scene set off a wave of funding each climax, caring people do their best to make donations to children in the mountainous areas. Two enthusiastic public ambassadors Dai Ailing and Freya Lim also came to MusicRadio I want to go to school charity golf tournament "charity fundraiser for love vocals. With a gentle voice Freya Lim, singing the "personal life" for having heard it many times, causing the audience chorus; with the life of a beautiful imagination, gently sing "listen", also indicates that the kids can get in the beautiful future. After iron princess Dai Ailing offered "airport" and "I don’t leave", once again demonstrated high pitched voice, the scene immediately overwhelmed the atmosphere. After the soulful singing girls, Freya Lim, bee and Dai Ailing are the passion to help host charity auction, and I also took the lead in their donations, love overflowing! The guests who have a warm response, generous, competing for the poor mountain left-behind children can give a heart to live a happy life. Site guests invariably said will make the greatest efforts to support the "MusicRadio I want to go to school this meaningful activity, with action to call for more caring people to join to help poor left-behind children welfare ranks. Caring people gathered to help betting love that night, from the lion, Morita, Italy Chinese cosmeceutical Leica, Hyun Feng culture media Co., Ltd. Beijing Nirvana Hampton cultural creative and 100 charity event ambassador arrived. It is worth mentioning that, in order to respond to the theme of this year’s activities, see the hope to see love activities also set up a special love donation Award – Rainbow award. Rainbow pregnant with hope, on behalf of the mountain left behind children to take more care! Hundreds of people gathered for the dedication of love love left behind children in poor areas, each other learn skills through our efforts, the charity events totaling 476 poor capital and raise the left-behind children love the auction money 571200 yuan. Love for action let more children see hope to see love;