3 years to win the copyright in the Premier League, Suning this is what logic? Sohu sports is a high price! According to the latest information bear exclusive access to sports, Suning to total $721 million for the 2019-2022 season Chinese mainland and Macao exclusive media rights. According to the current exchange rate, the 3 year contract equivalent to about RMB 4 billion 950 million yuan, compared with last year sold more than $8 billion in the super, the average price is slightly higher than the latter’s annual $1 billion 600 million. The Barclays Premier League held a board meeting on Thursday (November 17th) in the UK, one of which covers the ultimate ownership of the copyright owner. A person close to the deal told the sloth bear sports, Suning to three years of final copyright price of $700 million to win. 700 million dollars in fact refers to the broadcast rights, if the video on demand rights (usually live for 3%), the total price of about $721 million. According to the understanding of the participation in Sports Bear, copyright negotiation period the new premier buyers including New England Sports, music, sports, Suning Tencent (PPTV), MP& Silva (Sports storm etc.). Perhaps because the first round of buyers bid too close, the Premier League has not decided who wins. Therefore, the quotation came to the second round, and continue to use the dark form. Suning 3 years $700 million win in the bidding results released on the eve of the British sports industry Salford University professor Simon · Chadwick (Chadwick Simon) is mentioned in the analysis for sloth bear sports, "I guess the copyright price may exceed $500 million. Taking into account the current purchasing power of the Chinese sports market and operational management and business development capabilities in the Premier League, if not more than $750 million or $1 billion." This price is not accidental. Suning overweight sports business, as chairman of Suning group Zhang Jindong in the bidding results come out before, a bidding party insiders have expressed to bear sports, "there are a lot of crazy". The last 2 years, with the banner of the policy guidance, to rapid capital Chinese sports industry, the major events broadcast copyright collective copyright contract price soared, followed up NBA new media copyright first in January last year sold 5 years $500 million; in 5 years 8 billion yuan turnover, LETV sports to 2 billion 700 million yuan on the price with 2 over the years new media copyright; PPTV hit 250 million euros buyout 5 years of Spanish media copyright. In recent years, with the influx of Jinyuan, joining the top foreign players and coaches, globalization and commercialization continues to deepen, the Premier League broadcast rights prices are rising. First start from the local, Sky TV (SKY) and British Telecom sports channel (BT Sport) for the 2016-2019 season broadcast rights will pay the total price of 5 billion 136 million pounds, compared with the previous period 3 billion 18 million pounds up 71%. 1 years ago, the music as sports into the Hongkong market, spending $400 million (then equivalent to about 263 million pounds, an average of one year