Button of despair! Okumoto Amamiya was he stopped playing way 2 seconds 5 (GIF) this is really not domineering who! Sina sports news Beijing time on November 15th, the Oklahoma City thunder away to the Detroit pistons, Russell state of runaway Westbrook this season, the first quarter of 7 throw in 4 scored 11 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists, one hand a breakthrough after the split button is to let opponents even have the courage to fight it, which is called "despair buckle". When the race to the end of the first 6 minutes and 07 seconds left, Westbrook’s ball, a relaxed off defender Ken Devielle BOPP, accelerated directly to the basket. This ball, when Westbrook pop off the other four players, the pistons just formed a curved line in front of him. However, because Westbrook’s speed is too fast, the momentum is too amazing, four eight foot has always firmly nailed to the ground, did not make a response, if careful observation, Marcus Maurice even made an escape action! Home court audiences were completely shocked in front of a scene, a moment after the goal, the scene in perfect silence. The performers are in place for two seconds stand proudly, freeze up, to protest the Auburn hills! I have less, williams! (panda)