The exposure before the super star who played for Shenzhen for fear of the alleged rape of Chongqing Killen data figure Phoenix sports news Beijing on October 28th news, according to British media, "Daily Star" news, before the super star cross – Killen was charged in her mansion for a women’s sexual abuse, therefore, he could face jail. In the past, who was in the New Zealand International, Chongqing Lifan and Shenzhen team played. British media reported that it suspected in his mansion raped a female, crime locations in the swimming pool and Jacuzzi, but Killen’s lawyers denied both sides of any form of physical contact. The summer of 2010, it joined the Super League team Shenzhen Red Diamonds, he became the second national team teammate Vee Che Rich, second to join the Shenzhen Red Diamonds and China League after the World Cup players in new zealand. In the 2010 season for the Shenzhen Red Sea through 14 games in with 8 goals, helping the team difficult relegation, he also became the Shenzhen team when the season’s leading scorer. On 2011, Killen in new coach Troussier’s tactical system. It is not good at the ball at his feet, and the lack of the advantages of high support, but still in the 21 Super League games and scored 9 goals, two consecutive years become Shenzhen’s leading scorer, but could not prevent the Shenzhen Red Diamonds in the season after relegation. He made 35 appearances in Shenzhen, scoring 17 goals. It was in a league February 2012, Ma Chongqing upgrade team as the introduction of high, strong performance ", to continue in the League after the end of the 2013 season, it left Chongqing, leaving 47 games scoring 22 goals. (Zhou Kai)