The legend about Iverson Golf: golf sports athletes too difficult to play sports Sohu – Beijing time on October 22nd, the fourth Mission Hills World All Star game in Haikou Guanlanhu officially held in today’s game, the famous director Feng Xiaogang, little giant Yao Ming, NBA legend Iverson, six time Grand Slam champion tennis legend Boris Becker, United legend Scholes and others have appeared in court. In the day after the end of the game, little giant Yao Ming, famous NBA star Iverson, tennis legend Boris Becker, Mission Hills Group Chairman and CEO Dr. Zhu Dingjian, vice president Mr. Zhu Dingyao attended the press conference. Yao Ming and Iverson were a basketball opponent, for today at the Mission Hills World Star Games meet two star golf game also said when they meet the mood respectively. Iverson said that golf is a very difficult game for him, those who play golf played very well. He is very worship. Little giant Yao Ming also told Iverson agreed, Yao Ming said golf does have its own unique charm, if what is different with the basketball, the little giant reveals that basketball is a higher score better movement and golf instead, golf for themselves or a certain challenge. Yao Ming also said at the press conference, no matter what the movement can allow people to participate in the movement becomes very spiritual, in sports can find their best state of mind. Mr. Boris Becker is the dean of the tennis level character, and his playing golf is also very good, what is the secret when asked, Mr. Becker said, each time I have different roles. At the age of 20 he was a occupation tennis player, began playing golf at the age of 30, at the age of 40 to become a tennis coach, do the task should be completed in different stages, this is the secret of his success. At the end of the conference Yao Ming, Iverson and Mr. Becker respectively on the Mission Hills World Stars expressed their views, Iverson said he would come to Chinese, but this is my first time to come to Haikou, came to the lake, people here are very warm, the facilities are first-class level in the world, this came to the mission hills the only regret is that he did not take the family come together, and they hope to come together next time. Yao Ming said this is his third visit to the Mission Hills Haikou, both in their hearts, Sanya or Boao are wonderful. Here the local customs and practices and pleasant climate environment are very attractive. Mr. Becker said that in March of this year has finally started to cooperate and Guanlanhu, founder of the tennis academy. And once again came to the mission hills in July of this year, this time again to accept the invitation of Zhu with his family came to the mission hills.