13 amazing facts about Buffett and his wealth [Abstract] at the age of 52, he had a net worth of $376 million ($). He made 94% of his assets at the age of 60. According to the Business Insider article, it can be said that Buffett has been successful enough, enough money. Now Buffett’s assets are around $62 billion 100 million. But what exactly is $62 billion 100 million? How good is Buffett investing? We look at the following 13 facts: 1. Buffett’s wealth of nearly $99% was earned at the age of 50. At the age of 52, he had a net worth of $376 million ($). He made 94% of his assets at the age of 60. When Buffett was 59, his assets were only $3 billion 800 million. Buffett often talks about long-term investment strategies. He also practiced a long-term investment strategy. 2, based on 5 year rolling average, there are more than 43 years of record profits in the S & P 500 rose this chart shows the Berkshire Hathaway holdings and the book value of the S & P 500 income difference of Berkshire Hathaway 46 years. In general since 1999 although income and standard Berkshire 500 to narrow the difference, but still more than the S & P 500.3, in many outstanding investors, Buffett beat the stock market for the longest time this chart represents the general income and standard of investors rose 500 over a period of time difference. Buffett won the S & P 500 for the longest time, far more than any other outstanding investor. 4, Buffett worth $62 billion 300 million, which is equivalent to Lebanon and Iceland’s GDP Lebanon in 2014 about $45 billion 730 million GDP, Iceland in 2014 was about $17 billion 40 million GDP. The average earned $37 million in 2013 5, Buffett every day, than Jennifer Lawrence a year earn according to "Forbes" data, Jennifer Lawrence is the second star paycheck in 2013, when he earned approximately $34 million, while Buffett earned $37 million a day on average in 2013. The money earned in 2013 6, Buffett per hour is equivalent to 7 students of Columbia University 1 years of tuition at the Columbia University tuition fees each year ranked second, each student’s tuition is $53523 per hour in 2013, Buffett earned $1 million 500 thousand. 7, the first time Buffett bought shares the same year the outbreak of the Pearl Harbor incident, the first time to buy stocks in 1941, he was about $38 A share price to buy the shares of the company’s predecessor Citgo. Initially, the stock fell nearly 30%, but then rose to about $40 a share, Buffett sold the stock. But a few months later, the stock rose to $200 per share. 8, so far, Buffett’s money can be built in 5 Apple institute so far, Buffett has donated nearly $25 billion 500 million, while Apple college project costs $5 billion. 9, in 2015, a Chinese company boss.相关的主题文章: