Lippi: 6 o’clock to get ready for training, in addition to the Zhang Yuning Sohu Chinese sports coach Lippi before the date of acceptance of the "Rome sports daily" interview, during the interview, he said he would Chinese team to the 2018 World Cup finals is not impossible, and especially praised without ball consciousness of teenager Zhang Yuning good. Lippi said in an interview with reporters, Lippi said: coach the Chinese team has a special feeling, I am excited and look forward to. I’m 68 years old, but I feel like I’m only now at the age of 34. Now I need to do some preparation. I’ve never worked in the middle of the night or night, but I get up at 6 every day to prepare for the training sessions, which is how I’ve worked in Kunming for the last two weeks. Compared with past coaching experience, now I sometimes use the Internet to find some relevant information." "Into the world cup? Hope is not great at the moment, but we shouldn’t despair. There are a lot of good young players on my team, but I don’t know why they can only play 60% of the club. Now 1/3 of the players in the team from Guangzhou Hengda, when I coached the team and left the team, they have a lot of honor in the domestic and Asian games." "Of course there are some special team players, such as Zhang Yuning, he played in the Eredivisie Vitesse, only 19 years old this year, is a strong center. His body is very strong, good technology, especially the ball very reasonable. And from the ball point of view, this is precisely the weakest link of the team of other people."