Willett said the World Cup exit because of a back injury is changing by the State – Sohu   sports; Beijing time on November 13th, Danny Willett’s back problems that he had to withdraw from the end of this month will be held in the world cup of golf. The original plan of the Willet will partner Lee Westwood represented England in Kingston held in Melbourne’s world cup of golf, but now he decided that from next week’s DP World Championship tour began to retreat. A few seasons has been the Masters tournament this year before back injuries last week, he said he is swing now, so you can back your long-term remission. Willet before quitting the last month of the British masters, he was in the occupation amateur match race before the pulled back, he decided not to go to Australia to participate in this field by 28 representatives of various countries participating in the game now. The 29 year old Willet wrote in a statement: "I am looking forward to join the golf world cup with Lee Westwood, but after a comprehensive consideration, and consider the need to trek, I once again pulled, therefore decided not to participate in the world cup." Willett admitted that this change led to his swing since the Ryder Cup after the state of decline, but now he is also facing a major problem, that is – he has more than Henry g Stensen’s stand in the Dubai competition, top spot. Stenson, who won second place in the Australian Champions League, ended the long – term dominance of Dubai in the game against Willett, who won only one of the world’s only HSBC champions in only about 78 people at the time of the game at the time of the Games in the world cup in the United States at the time of the. Willett in the Ryder Cup after the Dunhill Links Championship didn’t qualify in last week’s Turkey air open has been tied for 68, he is now 250000 points behind Sweden players. All the signs indicate that now have the opportunity to steensen once again won the Dubai competition. (peach)