The Guangzhou marathon for a total of more than one hundred thousand Chuangguang horse calendar year high – Beijing new network in Guangzhou in September 20 (Xinhua Zhao Shen Chen Jian Group) in September 20th 2016, the Guangzhou marathon Mini marathon online forecast name has officially ended, according to statistics, the total number of Guangzhou marathon Mini marathon project for more than 30 thousand people, more than 100 thousand of the total number of competition. As of 17:00 pm on September 20th, the Guangzhou marathon Mini marathon project received a total of 34714 people to apply for the forecast, which accounted for the proportion of men and women were 48% and 52%. So far, this wide horse all items (marathon, half marathon and mini marathon) forecast the end, total enrollment capital exceeded one hundred thousand people, up to 107417 people, a wide horse calendar year enrollment record. Due to the number of applicants beyond the project quota of 10000 people, the organizing committee will be drawn to determine the mini marathon project list. Currently, the entry into the mini marathon forecast qualification audit stage. The organizing committee will draw a list of the names of those who have passed the audit, and will be announced on the official website of the tournament at 10:00 am on September 28th. Then, to participate in the registration of players can log on the official website success events, and the timely payment of the registration fee to confirm the registration. The ballot in October 10th before 17:00 on the official website of the successful pay registration fees, overdue as a waiver of the tournament to qualify. It is understood that after the full marathon and half marathon project enrollment was 31240 and more than 41463 people, the organizing committee set the project quota, then determine the marathon and half marathon entry list also adopted by the organizing committee. (end)