Lippi brings changes to international for the Orangemen: Lippi makes us more confident China midfielder Wu Xi interviewed praised Lippi’s interesting. Lippi led the national football training in Kunming according to the Xinhua news agency to prepare for the World Cup Asian zone 12 finals of the Orangemen yesterday in Kunming Haigeng bases of the fifth sessions, the national football team Wu Xi and Huang Bowen accepted the media interview, they said in the belt to the biggest change team is to let the players have more confidence. The 7 day training course from 3:30 in the afternoon to talk about change, Lippi brings Wu Xi said the team from the spirit of self-confidence to have a relatively large change, "he stressed our sense of the ball and team confidence, must have this kind of desire (victory)." Huang Bowen also believes that Lippi on the 5 day of training courses mainly emphasize the overall offensive and full of oppression, he said: "Lippi told us the most is self-confidence, let us all a little more confidence, more support and more running, including running without the ball." For Lippi’s training style, both Wu Xi and the president of the United States think that it is very professional and demanding for the purpose of the training of the president of the Republic of China, and that he is very strict in the form of training in the form of the. Wu Xi said that before the training, the team hasn’t arrived, two sites have all finished, in the training, Lippi will prepare activities, confrontation, and tactics to do a detailed explanation for the players, and every details of the requirements are very strict. Huang Bowen said, the current team in the rival team whether it is training or private, will help the rest of the team as soon as possible to understand Lipiyitu, including a position as soon as possible so that everyone familiar with how to play, what are the requirements for each position, how to get away, how to run. When it comes to the 15 game against Qatar, Wu Xi and Huang Bowen have expressed confidence. Wu Xi said: Qatar is a strong opponent, before we met, we also won their promotion, but also want to prove their opponents, we want to win at home, so the game will be more difficult." Huang Bowen said that Qatar’s strength can not be overlooked, but China will show their spirit. At present, the players’ after a few days of plateau training on the body, the discomfort reaction, but the coach team said it was normal, want players to adapt as soon as possible, to adjust the state in the limited training. Tonight, the Orangemen will be a teaching match with Wuhan zall team Tuodong stadium in Kunming. It is reported that the game open to fans. National normal enough to play well, do not expect Lippi to save China’s football team to observe the distance between the 12 life and death battle with Qatar, the country is still a week’s preparation time. Situation, the opportunity to qualify for the country has been very slim, but there are still 6 games in the case of the top 12, the foot of the theory may still exist in the promotion. Football coach Lippi is sure to say: "we can not give up any hope!" in the country "hanging" as, focus and morale is important, but we also don’t believe marshal. No foreign aid to help out, the Orangemen win is normal. On foot, as long as the game content can be changed, even if it is a progress. Strong or not, the key is to see a lot of players fans on the "former" Gao Hongbo dissatisfaction, think the Orangemen so awkward reason is the coach command failed. To be honest, the 4 war only 1 points, the high