The return of female overseas Chinese to take decades to build the PLA Baoen temple – public news channel in September 22nd, in Huian County, Fujian Province town of Chongwu a sandy beach called the west, there is a called "the best in all the land of odd Temple" Liberation Army "martyrs Temple", which honors the 27 Liberation Army martyr statue. This is a temple dedicated to the sacrifice of soldiers. Admiral Ye Fei first heard of the matter, Huibi inscription, and said excitedly: "people love!" Every morning, when the time was just above the milky white Oriental horizon, a 71 year old woman had returned to Singapore overseas Chinese hate, will the time came to the "martyrs Temple", offering a cup of tea, long distant thoughts sustenance. Never hate those people’s Liberation Army soldiers heroic martyrs Temple main hall, Hui female Piety — "I want to build a temple for the pla!" "On that day, West Gulf beach, down a lot of PLA soldiers." Not far from the sea with the tide waves of the tide, Liangbinbanbai hated excitedly told reporters about the occurrence of her life the most important days of the tragic story. In September 17, 1949, the 13 year old has hate in the West Gulf beach sweet potato, help her mother pulled the grass. "We are overseas chinese. A few years ago, to escape the war, my mother and I went back to his hometown of chongwu." Hate memories, when the Japanese occupation of Singapore, her brother and sister were killed. Blue sky, white clouds, Bi Bo, Silver Beach, and his mother and mother had worked together to form a beautiful pastoral landscape painting. Suddenly, the roar of the plane woke up the mother and daughter. "The Kuomintang plane bombed." The mother said to have hated, thrown into a panic tried to drag her away, "but I was petrified, sitting here crying." Had been stunned by the earthquake! "Wake up, I feel there is something on the body, the body is blood." Hate recalls, "blood red beach. My first feeling is that I can’t live." Hate but unscathed! "On my 3 PLA soldiers, they are blood, they sacrifice." I hate to recall more than 50 years ago, a life and death experience, still tears: "there are 5 PLA soldiers came to save me, the other two died on the way." That day, for the rescue of 27 Chongwu people, the people’s Liberation Army soldiers sacrificed his young life. That year, the war of liberation is nearing the end of August, stationed is led by Ye Fei of the people’s Liberation Army soldiers. They just liberated Fuzhou, Quanzhou, ready to go south to pursue the Kuomintang army. "On that day, my mother said to me, ‘your life is given by the people’s Liberation Army, you should use your whole life to repay the people’s Liberation army" Ever hate to say. Since September 17th every year, have been hated as another birthday. Rest in the West Gulf of heroes, by people’s admiration of chongwu. Martyrs tomb, the mother and daughter and the villagers, built a cabin, the house sits "27 Martyrs Shrine" tablets. Chongwu since ancient times, people who died a hero worship custom. The Ming Dynasty, Qi Jiguang was in the battle with the pirates, part of memorial was buried in west sandy beach near the village to build a network for them