Thirteen year old boy drink a bottle of water every day, more than and 10. Common focus on diabetes. The stamp in welfare, health – Sohu click up the "healthy Hangzhou" can subscribe to oh! Peas 13 years old this year, before March suddenly poor appetite, just a little lost in the past three months, a total of 10 pounds. But recently said that he did not have the strength, dry mouth, 380ML mineral water to drink more than and 10 bottles a day, also began to wet the bed. This can be very anxious parents, to No.1 People’s Hospital of Hangzhou for treatment, check the urine show glucose + + + + blood glucose ketone, biochemical 20.81mmol L, considered "type 1 diabetes mellitus, diabetic ketoacidosis admitted". No.1 People’s Hospital of Hangzhou, Dr. Mao Shujiong said that diabetes is a chronic disease, can lead to eye, kidney, nerve, cardiovascular and other long-term tissue damage, functional defects, failure. Children with diabetes type 1 diabetes, but in today’s society with obesity, high calorie diet, lack of physical activity in children’s way of life, the incidence of type 2 diabetes is also on the rise, the United States epidemiological study found that newly diagnosed diabetes in children with 13 of type 2 diabetes. 11· 14 common concern diabetes November 14th is the birthday of Professor Banting of Canada (Banting). It was he who discovered insulin, the first to use insulin for diabetes in children, to save the lives of countless children with diabetes. Banting won the 1923 Nobel prize in medicine and physiology. In 1991, the WHO and the International Diabetes Federation decided to make his birthday the world diabetes day. From 2007 onwards, the United Nations passed a resolution to "World Diabetes Day" was officially renamed the "UN Diabetes Day", the experts and academic behavior up to the governments, governments and all sectors of society to strengthen the control of diabetes, reduce the harm of diabetes. November 14, 2016 is the Tenth United Nations diabetes day, this year’s theme is common concern diabetes". Children with diabetes are particularly vulnerable to the fact that many children are diagnosed with diabetes when the parents feel very suddenly, and even some of the children were found after serious complications. These traces parents need special attention: the clinical manifestations of children with diabetes mellitus with polydipsia, polyphagia, polyuria and weight loss of "a little" typical symptom onset, but some patients with atypical manifestations, especially acute severe. Usually nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain and other similar manifestations of acute abdomen, dehydration, or deep sigh like breathing, serious can appear the loss of consciousness or awareness of infection can be fever. More attention should be paid to atypical onset. These high-risk groups should pay special attention to prevention and treatment of diabetes, 1 of the five carriages for diabetes patients, suggest at least annually measured 1 times 1 times of fasting blood glucose and postprandial blood glucose 2 hours, every 2 years 1 times more comprehensive examination, according to the risk factors of self intervention, reduce or delay the onset of diabetes. 2, nutritional therapy, exercise therapy, drugs!