Expert: card players to adapt to the high counter at least 3 weeks will be affected by the outcome of the war will be how? National foot and Qatar will be staged in Kunming tonight life and death battle, in order to overcome the possible reaction of the plateau, the country arrived in the early two weeks before the local closed training. But in this round against Qatar National team players until two days before the start of it coming out, so it will affect the reaction plateau play Qatar players on the field, has become one of the hot topics of most concern to the outside world. In this regard, physical training and rehabilitation specialists, the sports department of Shenzhen University associate professor Ren Zhanbing said that if the player has not received Qatar simulated high altitude training, so the game in Kunming, the plateau reaction will likely affect their game play: "Kunming has an average elevation of 1800 meters above sea level, Qatar is only 75 M. Under normal circumstances, Qatar players in Kunming will have varying degrees of altitude sickness. Mainly for the physical decline, increased fatigue, which affects their presence on the Pinqiang positive degree and the technique level of play. But it will also affect the national football team, to fully adapt to the need at least three weeks or even longer, the Orangemen went to only two weeks, so there is still possibility of altitude sickness, can only say that compared to just arrived in Qatar, the Orangemen will be affected was not so serious." Information Times reporter Yang Xingping