Reed in the past two years in 66 games the global Americans don’t lazy Reed very busy season sina sports news Beijing time on October 28th, the Asian swing game is rare not to accompany Mrs. Patrick Reed play. She stayed in Houston because they finally moved to a new home in the woodlands. In any case, Patrick – Reed feels that he will not stay in this new home for too long. American golfers are much more time than ever before, but Patrick, 26, is going to the extreme. Over the past 12 months, he played in 66 games (including the President Cup and the Ryder Cup), on the one hand, long and fatigue are near the end of 2016, Patrick Reed was just warming up. Last week, he went to Malaysia to play, and this week he was in Shanghai for the HSBC champions. And next week, he’s going to compete for the Turkey open. After a week’s rest, he will travel to Dubai to participate in the European tour, the season ending the war. After a week of rest at home, Patrick will go to the Bahamas for the hero’s world challenge after the Thanksgiving break, and then take another flight to the Hongkong open. "20 more days, we’ll go to Hawaii," he said with a smile. Why is it such a heavy schedule? "I love the game, I love playing," Patrick Reed at the Sheshan international golf club training ground when he said, distance machine also three hours, "when I was at home, I sat there and hope my presence to play. Jia Siting feels the same way. It’s not the best strategy to improve, but by the end of the day, if you play well, it really doesn’t matter." Patrick Reed ranked not because competition has been much hurt, because the world ranking rules the denominator of a maximum value of 52 field. He ranked seventh in the world, has been to the world’s top five mobile. Two years ago, when he won the World Golf Championships in Dora said he is the world’s top five players attracted great attention. Besides, he always said he wanted to be famous as a "world class player". He will go to Antalya next week and he admits he didn’t even know where Turkey was when he went to college in georgia. In addition to the first time last year to Dubai, completed the first season of the European tour, he did not find the map on the map of Dubai. "I don’t want to play in the U.S.," Patrick Reed said, "I feel global travel will help my game. I always want to look at the world and leave my comfort zone." Most of the top players have set their own limits, not more than 22 games throughout the year. They feel the need to take a break. So far, Patrick – Reed says he never worries about keeping fresh. "I’m stubborn. My heart is great, "he said." if anything, I need to focus on my body. There may be physical decline, it may disrupt my swing." This is Patrick – Reed’s busiest year so far, in part because of the olympics. Start from the US Open to LAI)