A talk about the Lakers career: NBA is not playing for Yi Jianlian to sit on the bench, determined to return to the CBA to join the Guangdong team for ninth crowns by Shipeng Wang these days on the Internet a couplet and speculation, the news everywhere, we are concerned about whether to stay with the Lakers a final list of 15 National People’s Congress. And I have already arranged the trip, early in the morning came to Losangeles, in order to witness the return of the first game of NBA. Before going to Losangeles, I have been concerned about the Arab League in the preseason game, in the previous few games, he played very little time, I think not only me, the national fans should feel anxious. At the beginning, I was wondering if there was anything else in the team Didn’t bother him, until later against Denver, see he did not play, I will give a MediaTek a message: "relax, impatient, you don’t mess, a good grasp of their own rhythm", hope he can adjust the good mentality. Until after he came to Losangeles, with the depth of the talk of the team and their own situation, I can see a basketball crazy LAS, and he before, for the love of basketball, don’t change with time, did not change with experience, but did not change with his position, I’m glad he is the former Yi Jianlian. A joint with the Lakers up today, the Lakers announced that Yi Jianlian did not enter the final list, I think there are a lot of fans will feel sad, feel very disappointed, even a little shocked me, I really understand everybody’s mood, because honestly I also feel very disappointed. Or my disappointment is stronger than you. For so many years, I witnessed the process of his efforts, he returned to the witness to CBA from NBA, he witnessed the process did not give up his dream, he witnessed the process through their own efforts led Chinese basketball forward. Arab League has been working for so many years he has not relaxed their demands, because in his heart, NBA is his dream. He had personally told me that "NBA is his dream, he will dream for this has been tried hard to complete all China fans dream." Yi is a very strong person, you give him the boos more, he gave you a rebound is greater, the more you say he can not, he is to prove himself, he could. After Dayao, Battelle, general, after leaving NBA, he always wanted to through their own efforts, the yellow people back to the NBA stage, so many years, this belief has been in his heart, so he will always try this opportunity. Arab League during the Olympic Games, the performance of the Arab League is now a good level can be based on the NBA, the performance of previous years, the performance of the Olympic Games this year, we can see that he has the level of NBA. A lot of fans are very disappointed because I think it is because we feel that the Arab League trip to the NBA will be a success. But instead, the coach has his own ideas and thinking, so we don’t go too much with the team system problems, which is not possible for us to control our.