Former wolves coach shelling old main executives: a team of NBA burn the bridge after crossing it don’t respect me a movie Minnesota: talent burst table wolfling challenge limit Tencent sports September 7th hearing before the Timberwolves coach Sam Mitchell publicly blasted the old club, he will get his satirical Minnesota behavior, style is too not respect people burn the bridge after crossing it. Before the wolves coach shelling old master Mitchell senior is the wolves veteran, former wolves assistant, 2015-16 season due to Philip – Saunders illness can’t coach, Mitchell stepped in to take over the pointer. Last season, the Timberwolves won 29 games in progress, but this summer the wolves decided to fire Mitchell, let Tom Thibodeau as coach. "I know Glen Taylor (wolves boss) for a long time, I respect him very much," Mitchell said, "I think I have been in the team for 13 years, I know Taylor has 10-11 years, in the end I was treated like this team, they do this to me. I just feel so bitter, so hard." "I know, NBA is not fair, life is not fair, bad things happen to good people, I’m going to be 53 years old, I can understand. But I always have a lot of respect for Taylor, but I just got it. They just gave me a 30 second call, and I didn’t even sit down and talk. I can’t understand it, I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve been in the team for so many years and I think at least you should sit down and talk to me." To replace his own Thibodeau, Mitchell did not complain, but he also served as president Thibodeau’s way of doing things is hard to be satisfied, he said: "a total of 30 League coach position so much, if the team decided not to hire me, one of my friends or people I know I got the job. After all, they can accept, but not the back got the job, I can understand, this is the union of adults. However, I know Thibodeau for so many years, he got the job after a phone call, did not send text messages. General manager Scott is also in a month and a half after the call, all over the past one and a half months, and what do you call me back?" "I was shocked by the way wolves worked. I used to think about the way they treat their employees. They are a good team. But reduced to such a situation in the effectiveness of wolves after 13 years (fired) one and a half months after receiving the call, I feel this is not respect me." Mitchell players in the age of 10 years in the Minnesota Timberwolves, became a coach after he worked here for the past 2 years as an assistant, acting coach for the past 1 years. For wolves, Mitchell very much, he said: "I have been to Minnesota as my home, I have many friends here, I never think of yourself in this way out. But life is like that, I’m proud of what I’ve done here. My own work will be disappointed, but I can understand a lot stronger than my coach lost work, I can understand. But I feel like I’ve been working on the team for years and I’ve got a better deal. But in the end, they chose to treat me like that." (from.