The exposure Tongxi Feng Xin because of infighting executive coach was frozen against Feng Xin in the game of breakthrough with Zhang Chenxing is a tough game, it is a miserable result. On the night of the CBA League in the sixth round, Jiangsu XI team in good situation was leading 13 points, the final loss to the Qingdao team to 96:106 since the start of this season, suffered the embarrassment of losing 6. At halftime, the locker room also had a little dispute, Captain Feng Xin for a long time on the bench and expressed dissatisfaction to the coach, and this led to him throughout the second half was frozen. Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Chenxing (Changzhou newspaper) the first section lost a good board substitute Zhang Caibao led "single day storm" of the game, really let people see the hope to win the game. When Liang in Zhang Caibao for captain Feng Xin to play guard, Tongxi team played so far this season, the most "fun" and "wave flow" from 13 points ahead to draw. Just a play, Zhang Caibao assists the basket at Corelle, guard off the bench this is the long war of the season’s first assists; subsequently, he continues on the assists, interspersed among his dribble layup and shooting, and turned to the opponent made an offensive foul! Just a few minutes, Zhang Caibao scored 4 points and 3 assists, Tongxi team leading 24:11, at this time to expand the advantage, almost every point and Zhang Caibao. Unfortunately, the first day the advantage, then still be Tongxi a bit away. In fact, familiar with the Jiangsu basketball fans should be on the name "a treasure" was heard, has been playing in the Jiangsu Nangang team he was optimistic about the succession of Hu Xuefeng, but ultimately failed to get too many chances. Later, he went to Nanjing to play the army, now Tongxi team executive coach Liang Wei has coached the team; later that year, he rushed into the CBA to join the team in the same Xi, but even NBL, he has played fourth seasons in the same Xi, always a chance. Last night as the "Raiders" appearance, he clearly raised the Tongxi team’s offensive speed and efficiency in a period of time, the first day of the wave flow is clear; however, after all he is a long battle, in the second half, failure also increased. However, 10 points and 3 rebounds and 3 assists, Zhang Caibao’s performance is quite remarkable. It is because of Zhang Caibao’s play, so that the first point guard Feng Xin only played 5 minutes in the first quarter. At half-time, Feng Xin himself was substituted after sitting bench to executive coach Liang Wei expressed "don’t understand" mood, so that the whole of the second half, he did not play again. Really cold outside in addition to Corelle, no one dropped into the three points at yesterday’s game, fans will be for the good situation has not been able to take pity because Qingdao was indeed given the opportunity, especially in Tongxi offense, there are three big ball seat. However, this also has three ball for the team, to produce an embarrassing data, a total of 23 times the three shot, but ultimately only?