Active 50 international players: the great Knight Wang only ranked 14 in the top international sina sports news Beijing on November 16th news, according to the authoritative media reports, NBA is now more and more foreign players, media for the 2016-17 season, foreign players were combing row out of 50 foreign players. Can you guess how many rankings? In order to emphasize the impact of international basketball on the NBA, the ranking of all the players born outside the United States are counted, so some players may be u.s.. In addition, the number of players in the rankings after the brackets, representing his ranking in the entire league. 1. (15) Kaili – Erwin, Australia in the finals after struggling in the playoffs and early in 2015, Erwin in the 2016 finals NBA proved to be the most difficult to defend the one-on-one king. His dribbling too skilled, but also the league ball project three one of the most dangerous player. Can can suddenly be able to pass, Erwin has so many teams suffered. 2. (19) Ji’an – nice ante asked Kong Bo, "Greek Greek monster" is regarded as one of the league’s most talented and potential players. Last season, the Bucks guard were injured, the letter was sent to brother to play guard, did not expect this move directly to a win-win, bucks the all star game every 100 rounds to get 105.9 points, while the letter brother averaged 18.8 points and 8.6 rebounds and 7.2 assists, the error rate is only 10.6%. 3. (22) Eyre Huo Fude, the Republic of Dominica is Horford in the league’s top inside, on the season he has developed outside shooting, before Thanksgiving hit 20 three pointers, which is equivalent to the sum of his previous career. Last season, a total of 88 Horford hit three points, hit rate of 34.4%. This technology is valuable, not only in line with the current trend, but also gives the team more choice. 4. (33) at Krista Pohl Zingis, Latvia as a height of 7 feet 3 inches tall, Pohl Zingis also has a defensive perimeter player, speed and agility, his amazing arms also allows him slightly away from the opponent, his quick pace so that he can quickly complete the pick and roll. Of course, his sealing ability is also very strong, capping rate is higher than the average level of the center. 5. (35) Mark – Spain, even if they are healthy, it is hard for little Gasol to play all star again in the world. 31 year old Gasol is slower, his basket offense is even more weak, Gasol last season’s basket hit rate of 59.5%, compared with the previous year is $69.9%. But Gasol in the high performance is still very good, he is an outstanding middle distance shooting, 16 foot jump shot 43.5% in the league, he is the best passing 7 feet tall. 6. (36) Steven – Adams Adams, New Zealand is the outbreak of the 2016 playoffs player, he became the most important player in the thunder inside at the time, so let the thunder have emboldened let yibaka..